Work # Enjoy # Enthusiasm # Balance # KI @ 24*7

Shivali Arora, Founder and Director of Knowledge Isotopes based in India, reflects on their work in MedComms today.

Every day is a MedComms Day for us! We are a researchers’ hard disk, our lives are full of learning, working, exploring things, enthusiasm, motivation and positivity.

Life is full of opportunities and challenges, so is the MedComms world. The opportunities to learn, earn and grab things, as well as the challenges to face, handle and overcome are important components of success. At KI, we learn various things which help in our personal, social and professional lives and make us more passionate for the profession.
What do we learn? We are able to learn something new daily. Apart from the working/ professional skills, we enhance our soft skills. The challenge of meeting deadlines makes us expert in time management. Others are balancing our work and family life, to work under pressure, to work in a team and so on.

A medical writer is a very flexible person. Our needs are not very lavish. What do we need? We just need a positive working environment, mobile phones, laptop, pen, diary and a cup of coffee. All this together makes our day!

We all work together to accomplish our tasks in time. Other than that, what do we do? Do I really need to answer this! We work, we enjoy, we celebrate, we eat, we drink, we play, we hang out, and we do all what we want to do! What else can we expect from our profession!
At KI, life is beautiful. We, as a team, help, understand, guide and support one another. How do we grow? Hopefully, we are all able to explore ourselves in terms of personality, skills, talent. A deep insight into ourselves makes us learn from our mistakes.

How do we live life? The flexibility associated with the MedComms business lets us live a happy and a balanced life. The mothers really feel blessed. The opportunity to work from home keeps us empowered, employed without affecting our motherhood and restricting its expressions.

Overall, the diversity in the profession and life @KI is quite impressive, innovative as well as challenging. I hope and wish everyone could live such a balanced and cheerful life along with gain of professional expertise and experience.

medcomm day

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