Working from home…

The technology and changing working practices these days means working from home when needed is commonplace. Here’s where Sara Black from Succinct Medical Communications has started her working day!

Hope today’s another roaring success and takes us just a little bit further down that road toward showing people what we actually do (and it’s not all Zinc referencing 😉 ). I’m just starting my day and it’s off to a bit of a wobble already as I discovered there’s no milk in the fridge, but I’m working at home so nobody to blame but me! On the work front, on Friday we have a pitch, which I found out about yesterday. So today I will mostly be hunting through PubMed, Google Scholar and other sources to learn everything I can about this new topic. And then an author has asked me to add some data to his manuscript, so more time on PubMed. Hopefully I’ll have time to get down to my allotment later on to.


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