Greetings from chilly New Zealand!

Sheridan Henness, Editorial Team Leader at inScience Communications is heading in to her office…

It’s been very foggy in Auckland lately, so I start my day not knowing whether I’ll be able to see our view of the city and Rangitoto Island once I get to the office. Hopefully I will be able to because it is stunning! Once a cup of tea is procured and the computer’s on, it’s time to see what’s come in to the work inbox overnight from our colleagues in the UK, US, and Europe. Wednesday is my team’s workflow meeting day, so we take our hot drinks and our work schedule into an office to spend 30 minutes talking about who’s doing what, and when they’ll get that done so they can go onto the next project. Later on in the day we’ll likely hear from our colleagues in Japan once they start their working day. Being part of an international team means our work is incredibly varied, ranging from manuscripts to slide decks, posters to training materials, publication plans to conference coverage. Once I finish writing this I’ll be on to a manuscript outline, and once I’ve finished that… who knows? One thing I do know is that life is never boring in MedComms.

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