MedComms Day Haiku From Fishawack’s Editorial Services Team

The #MedComms working day is drawing to a close on the Eastern side of the USA. This is from Jim Slade, Executive Director, Editorial Services at The Fishawack Group’s offices in Philadelphia.


I hope we’re not too late to get in an entry from Fishawack’s Editorial Services team: two dozen medical editors, editorial review specialists, and editorial assistants/associates across our group companies. We’ve put together a series of haiku that touch on the expected and unexpected journeys our team experiences on a weekly basis. Some members of our US team and two UK colleagues took time out of a busy day to stand for this quick photo. Take care!

Oh, Oxford comma
Without you, confusion can reign
The editor’s friend

Red pencil is key
But that’s not the sum of me
Seeking solutions

Review Specialist
Your manuscript stays on track
Fully compliant

Posters are released
Client hit-list is in hand,
Summaries commence!

Borrow, never steal
Permission is required
If you’ve got to ask

Writer sends request
Can you do a data check?
Here’s the CSR

Truncated deadlines
We rise to the occasion
For our submissions

Deadlines are today
Zinc running very slowly
Colleagues always help

Digital content
Innovative as it is
Doesn’t write itself

Clients love our team
Annotated content sent
And they reap rewards

Happy MedComms Day
Science nerds and grammar geeks
We have found our home!

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