That to-do list never seems to get shorter

farrellKelly Farrell is the Editorial Team Lead at InspiredScience and here she describes her day.

After navigating the ‘efficient’ train systems of South London, I grab a morning coffee on my way to the office and begin by reviewing my calendar for that day. I check in on the editorial team to ensure they are comfortable with their workloads. As Editorial Team Lead, my role involves ensuring the medical writers get the opportunity to support on an interesting mix of projects, while being on hand to support with requests from the wider company, as well as any last minute requests from clients. Luckily, my role still involves a significant amount of writing, where I lead on a number of projects ranging from cardiovascular disease to immuno-oncology and nutrition. I will prioritise my writing jobs for the day and get a couple of small tasks ticked off my list.

The next part of the day is a ‘Knowledge Share’ meeting. As one of our accounts has a large number of projects currently ongoing, I ensure to run a monthly ‘Knowledge Share’ meeting to keep the team up to date with the current trends and practices in immuno-oncology, while providing them with a platform to learn further.

We at Inspired Science love a good team lunch! Today we went on a trip to Flat Iron Square, which helped us get through hump day.  The afternoon flies by as I review a slide deck, go to have a new headshot taken, and finish a manuscript outline.

That list never seems to get shorter but I do enjoy having a proper mix of work (and challenges!) to fill my day. Happy MedComms day everyone!

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