Working life in Philly

MushrockRegina Mushrock, Account Manager – inScience Communications, Philadelphia describes her typical #MedComms working day.

A typical day-in-the-life starts with cruelly being awoken around 5:00am to the screaming alarm of my mobile vibrating nearby and promptly smacking snooze until the sirens begin again precisely 9 minutes later. This sometimes goes on twice!

Hopping into the car around 6:00am after my morning preparations, I head to the train station. There’s a train scheduled a 6:44am, but I’ve only ever made that once and only by chance.! I usually end up on the 6:59am train.  The one hour trip always involves earbuds in, Amazon music on, and the playlist on shuffle. Thank you, Bose, for always being there for me when I need you most.

Occasionally, I’ll run into my colleague at Jefferson Station and we head into the office together. When it’s nice out, it’s very likely a walk will follow from the station to the office building. If it’s gross out, too many things waiting at the office, or laziness overtakes, the subway is a classic and frequent decision.

It’s slightly after 8:00am. I arrive at the office and greet my other early-bird colleague and proceed to filter through mail, organizing myself for the day as other teammates arrive. The view from the window is pricelessly wonderful here in Philadelphia and it’s rather amusing to be able to receive your news information from the messages filtering across the FOX NEWS banner.

In our news, it’s congress season, so there’s a bit of chaos in the office these days. There’s lots of open dialogue to let out frustrations but also to express excitement in the wins. The successes are so important.  We have responses from authors and successful submissions, as well as praises from clients. This is all in addition to the typical meetings scattered throughout the day, both internally and externally with clients. Amazingly, all my meetings were canceled and I’m appreciating the extra time to get through things, like applying pressure to reviewers, cleaning up Datavision, working on financial items, redoing timelines, and calming anxious clients. As they say, “there’s never a dull moment in publications!”

Since it is busy nowadays, lunch is often taken at desks or quickly obtained and brought back, but escaping in the afternoon becomes essential to ones sanity in the workplace.

All of a sudden it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Where did the day go?  There have been highly entertaining conversations about food or fun to break up the day; I’m convinced that laughter is contagious as we share crazy stories or sarcastic retorts. We certainly aren’t a dull group! At the end of the day, we’re all in this together!


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