Bringing up Bébé in the Industry

We’re getting moving in the USA now. Crystal Hanington is Senior Account Manager at inScience Communications in Philadelphia.


“Alexa, play Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin, by Rockabye Baby.” Some variation of that phrase now starts and ends every work day. If you’ve never heard these records, they are familiar in that these are typically quite popular songs by well-known artists, and brand new in that they are completely instrumental, made – you guessed it – with little ears in mind. They bridge the gap between kid- and adult-friendly music.

If I haven’t already let the cat out of the bag, I’m a new mother. The arrival of my son late last year brought with it the usual suspects – sleepless nights, endless worry, and doubt that creeps in reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Fog. What it also brought, however, was incredible support from my company; inScience Communications, a brand of Springer Healthcare; and from my colleagues and managers. There was the initial excitement shared with all when announcing that I was expecting, coupled with immediate and ongoing support from management, and Human Resources. As his arrival approached, there was an unbelievable outpouring of support and well-wishes received from colleagues and managers. Now that I am back to work full-time, following leave, the support continues in the form of company policies that foster a healthy work-life-balance, and encourage me to set new professional goals to enhance my position here; Senior Account Manager, Client Services.

Like Rockabye Baby’s endlessly catchy tunes, Client Services is the business of bridging gaps. We find ourselves navigating between internal and external clients, ensuring both are receiving exactly what is expected to ensure success. Beyond clients, we manage relationships with thought leaders, congress secretariats, editors, and vendors, to name a few. We weather congress seasons and all that entails. We manage the publication of pivotal trial data whose timelines can span a period of time you couldn’t have envisioned. Call us what you will – partners, right hands – we make it happen.   Being a mother is much the same, and I’ve found this transition fascinating – account management has quite literally prepared me for motherhood. Timelines are milestones, status meetings are doctor’s appointments, and the day-to-day project work is feeding, diaper changes, learning through play, etc.; though my client at home is more demanding than any I’ve encountered in my 11-year career!

My commute to our downtown Philadelphia office typically involves a five-minute drive to the local train station, where I’ll catch a regional train to Philadelphia, and then the subway to the office. That hour and fifteen minutes is my “Work It” time, complete with a playlist of songs whose beats per minute (BPM) are no less than 115. The train affords me an opportunity to catch up on and respond to communications received overnight, and plan for my work day. Given that we are a global company, dealing with global authors, time is always a factor. Time allowing, I may even sneak in one of my many Motherly classes, i.e. “Work it—Your inspired guide to rock working motherhood.” These have proven invaluable when I’m in need of some perspective, bringing me back to basics and letting me know that I am not alone! 

Beyond internal and client meetings, day-to-day deliverables, and reporting, lunch is an opportunity to be social – my colleagues and I taking advantage of the many delicious offerings that Philadelphia has right in our neighborhood.

The commute home is my “Wind Down” time – usually starting with a trip to the local bakery to procure a treat for the ride home, reviewing my son’s daily report from his childcare team, planning out the evening, and some more time with Motherly, though this time it’s, “Love It: How to go from a happy couple to a joyful family.”

Rinse, repeat.

On a daily basis, I reflect on how truly fortunate I am to work in this industry, and for this company, that has allowed me to amass a bevy of skill sets, continue my education, become a leader, start my family, and in some small way, contribute to improved patient care and outcomes.

Happy MedComms Day 2018!

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