Floating vintage bookstore brightens the day!

Evelina Matekonyte, an Associate Medical Writer at inScience Communications, describes her #MedComms day.


My day at work starts with a cup of coffee (the best cure for grumpy mornings!) and a freshly baked croissant from our lovely in-house café. While I rush through the front door, the guard gives me his warmest “good morning”, which always brightens my mood and starts my day on a good note. When I get to my desk, first thing I do is sort through my flooded inbox while at the same time prioritizing tasks for the day. My schedule looks quite busy for the day: a status call with a client, a concept meeting to discuss upcoming publication and a looming deadline for the poster submission to the congress. However time goes incredibly fast when I get stuck in with the projects that are genuinely interesting to me. The role is definitely challenging and no day is the same, however I see every challenge as an incredible opportunity to learn and grow, especially when the knowledge and skills that I gain are so rewarding.

Around 12.30 my focus is interrupted by the smell of the coffee and lunch lingering around the office. Usually we all grab some food from the canteen and eat lunch together, however today, as the weather is nice outside, we decide to go for a walk to the beautiful Granary Square located just few minutes from the office. The atmosphere here is refreshing, with groups of people from the neighbouring offices sitting together on the grass, sunbathing, reading and just enjoying their time off. As we walk by the canal, we come across a bookstore on a boat full of vintage books, journals and old vinyl records! We are warmly greeted by the owner and his dog, lazily stretching in the sun. Even though I resist the urge to buy something in this quirky bookstore, it is definitely one of the highlights and great finds of the day.

Taking eyes (and brain) off the computer screen for an hour definitely serves me well – the work from this point onwards feels like a piece of cake. Revising a poster and addressing author’s comments is my last task for today.

I end up my day by reminding myself how happy and grateful I am to be working with such a great and supporting team in a company where every concern is heard and every opinion matters.

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