The Twitter experience in 2019

About this time each year I now add a few words about what happened on Twitter during yesterday’s #MedComms Day.

This year we saw a whole lot more activity (record numbers for reach and active individuals) and much of it was really engaging.

Once again I’ve captured the 2019 #MedComms Day Twitter stream here as a PDF document and it makes for fascinating browsing.

[DOWNLOAD THE PDF – Warning: it is 169 pages and a 70 MB file!]

The TweetReach report for #MedComms over the last few days (essentially nothing much happens other than on #MedComms Day) shows 303 contributors, 1,158 tweets, reaching 330,706 accounts and clocking up 1,350,072 impressions, which once again sounds like quite a lot for small specialist business community.

[DOWNLOAD THE PDF – this one is only 78 pages and a 2.8 MB file!]

The comparison with previous years can be seen below.

As I always say, what exactly it means in practice is another question. I’ll leave you all to ponder that one. Many thanks anyway to all the “Tweeps” who did join in.

Looking back:

In 2012 when we started, Twitter wasn’t mentioned

In 2013 we had what I referred to at the time as “a small but steady stream of tweets” and I listed 30 of us [Download the 2013 Tweet Stream]

In 2014 we saw a significant jump in activity [Download the 2014 Tweet Stream]

In 2015 we saw a massive jump in activity – [DOWNLOAD THE TWEETREACH REPORT ]

In 2016 we saw another big jump in activity – [DOWNLOAD THE TWEETREACH REPORT ]

In 2017 we saw more activity again – [DOWNLOAD THE TWEETREACH REPORT ]

In 2018 we saw more activity again – [DOWNLOAD THE TWEETREACH REPORT ]


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