NW London Freelancers will be meeting online on MedComms Day 2021

Corinne Swainger is  a freelance medical writer and has for a long time now arranged regular, informal dinner meetings of a group of MedComms freelancers based around NW London and further afield.  Freelancing can be quite isolating and it’s really useful to have a group you can chat with from time to time and to call upon for advice.

Because of COVID-19 it’s now been a while since they’ve last met and so they are using #MedComms Day 2021 as an excuse to catch up. On Zoom, of course!

Corinne has said if any other freelancers would like to join them (at 13.30 BST) then please to contact her on email corinne@mediquill.com

Let me know your own plans to help spread the #MedComms word on 9 June. Wherever in the world you’ll be.

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 20.49.06

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