Flat out with flat packs

Blair Hesp is building his team – and the office to go with them – at Kainic Medical Communications in New Zealand and sent in the following message after another busy day that isn’t over yet.

It’s been another busy day for the team at Kainic working on everything from overnight Veeva uploads to competitor intelligence activities for some of our clients from around the world. To keep up with demand Kainic has recently moved into newer, bigger offices to accommodate our growing team that expanded by one yesterday and we’ve been performing reference checks today for a second new hire to bring our team up to six full-time writers.

Alongside that, there has also been a lot of office admin, including figuring out why internet connection at our old office hadn’t been disconnected, approving our new office signage, signing off our end of financial year accounts, receiving (almost) all of some of our new flat pack desks and break room table (one piece got left behind at the yard apparently) and organising more computer equipment for our growing team, which requires some scrambling given supply issues into New Zealand as a result of international shipping delays.

Unfortunately, we missed the NZ writers call today because of other commitments that tied everyone up, but I’ll still be working into the night as we correspond with clients in the Northern Hemisphere as they come online for their working day before starting it all again at 7AM tomorrow morning.

PS What’s behind door number 3? Feel free to ask us if you need some freelance writing support as there might be a medical writer with some time on their hands in early July.


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