Peter and Ted’s grand adventure

Sarah Smith, once an ‘extreme’ freelance medical writer and now Principal Medical Writer with Caudex, has sent in the note below.

I should, perhaps, explain – Ted is Teddy who has been with me throughout the whole of the 10 year  #MedComms Day adventure. More recently we have aquired Ted the office puppy. Both will make their annual apearance before the day is out. Thanks Sarah, for your support over the years. Those sunsets were  really something!

The first MedComms Day in 2012 saw me contributing from the Canaries. I followed in subsequent years with posts from assorted islands in the Eastern Caribbean as we travelled as a family on our 43-foot sailing yacht (home-schooling as we went) and I continued to work as a freelance medical writer. My MedComms Day posts chronicled the evolution of internet services in unlikely places – just in case the intrepid roving medical writer needed to log on to check his or her email or send in the first draft of an Advisory Board report while exploring the River Gambia. I assumed the role of unofficial photographer, tasked with posting a fresh sunset photo from the Caribbean to punctuate the end of each MedComms Day.

In 2019 we changed tack (sailing pun intended), relocating back to the UK for a life of land-lubbing luxury (for that read flushing toilets, easy access to a washing machine and accessible healthcare – as well as fast, reliable internet). Given the emergence of COVID-19 and the cementing of Brexit since we came ‘home’, I am relieved to have got the itch to combine travel and work out of my system. Instead, I am now enjoying growing professionally in new directions as I venture back into the wider MedComms world with a ‘real job’ as Principal Medical Writer with Caudex. It’s good to be back in a big friendly work team and to be learning new skills. And I have a garden in which to get soil under my fingernails, and the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path to walk…

So, Peter (and Ted of course) – it’s been a grand adventure. Thanks for all of your hard work and lost sleep making MedComms Day happen for the past 10 years! It’s great to have been part of this annual snapshot of the MedComms world.



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