The morning after MedComms Day 2021

So, that’s it. I always said I’d aim for 10 years and now we’ve done it.

It’s certainly been an experience. Fraught with techie problems and sleepless nights.

My last was very different from my first. The socal media activity yesterday was overwhelming.

Times have changed. The global #MedComms community itself has evolved hugely over 10 years.

I’m well aware that it could all have been slicker, bigger, bolder. But, perhaps, it’s not been a bad effort for one old chap and his Teddy! Supported, of course, in later years by Ted, the office pup.

Most importantly, my thanks to the many in the community who joined in and supported us.

That’s my last #MedComms Day. Ideas are floating around about how it can continue in other hands. For now, do keep the conversations going and, of course, there’s plenty more continuing at and around – please join us there. And please help spread the #MedComms word.


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