About this page

On 10 June 2020 we will celebrate the global business that is MedComms, repeating an exercise we ran previously on 12 June 2019, 6 June 2018, 7 June 2017, 8 June 2016, 10 June 2015, 11 June 2014, 12 June 2013 and on 13 June 2012.

Contributions will come in from all around the world. It is all quite informal, and a great deal of fun, and we think it gives a useful insight into our specialist business. Many thanks to the many who contribute, one way or another.

Please help spread the word about MedComms.

Peter Llewellyn of NetworkPharma Ltd and founder of the global MedComms Networking Communityinitiative and curator for the day. If you have any comments or feedback please email Peter at peter@networkpharma.com.