Chatting with James Seed

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Julia Walton at Media Contacts has chatted with James Seed, Managing Director, Wave Healthcare Communications

What is your current job title and company?

Managing Director, Wave Healthcare Communications

What is the best part of your job, the bit you like the most?

We recently welcomed three new members of our board with a huge variety of experience in the MedComms industry. Running an agency we have built from scratch can be a somewhat insular experience and so the best part of my job now is working with our new leadership team with broader experience than my own to build a future for Wave in which our programme director and senior writers / editors play a much bigger role in operational leadership. We learnt through the lockdown months just how much people can achieve when they are truly given the responsibility and support to do so. Making Wave a company in which more of our team feels this freedom and responsibility, and has the support to realise it, is my main focus and key interest.

What is the one thing you wish you’d known when starting your MedComms career? 

How hard it would be to recruit really good people. We have our strongest team ever now, but it took an enormous amount of time and effort to find them.

What’s the funniest or most interesting experience you have faced?

Oh golly, there are so many! Turning up in Moscow to facilitate an advisory board that had been meticulously planned in English to find the advisors only spoke Russian was ‘interesting’, but a late night and an interpreter meant we had one of the most successful in the series.

What’s the highlight of your career so far?

The early days are obviously exciting, and then landing our first big account about 2 years in, but I think 2020, for all its challenges, was a huge highlight as it forced us to adapt really quickly and to ask so much more of our programme directors in leading us out of the threat we faced in March. This they did brilliantly, and the success of 2020 has been the inspiration behind the 5-year growth plan that now spearheads all that we do. Growth in the commercial is important, of course, but perhaps the key focus for our growth is centred around the people and creating sufficient truly senior roles to drive our ambitions.

Thanks for your time, James.

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An early start in Sweden

Freelance MedComms specialist, Kris Rydholm Överby, is starting her day in the garden.

Good morning!
I am celebrating #MedComms Day by enjoying the roses that have started to bloom in my garden as I work on my laptop. My assignments today include editing and translating a series of educational videos and guides.
After work I look forward to participating in the many online events that #MedComms day will be offering.
Cheers everyone!

Flat out with flat packs

Blair Hesp is building his team – and the office to go with them – at Kainic Medical Communications in New Zealand and sent in the following message after another busy day that isn’t over yet.

It’s been another busy day for the team at Kainic working on everything from overnight Veeva uploads to competitor intelligence activities for some of our clients from around the world. To keep up with demand Kainic has recently moved into newer, bigger offices to accommodate our growing team that expanded by one yesterday and we’ve been performing reference checks today for a second new hire to bring our team up to six full-time writers.

Alongside that, there has also been a lot of office admin, including figuring out why internet connection at our old office hadn’t been disconnected, approving our new office signage, signing off our end of financial year accounts, receiving (almost) all of some of our new flat pack desks and break room table (one piece got left behind at the yard apparently) and organising more computer equipment for our growing team, which requires some scrambling given supply issues into New Zealand as a result of international shipping delays.

Unfortunately, we missed the NZ writers call today because of other commitments that tied everyone up, but I’ll still be working into the night as we correspond with clients in the Northern Hemisphere as they come online for their working day before starting it all again at 7AM tomorrow morning.

PS What’s behind door number 3? Feel free to ask us if you need some freelance writing support as there might be a medical writer with some time on their hands in early July.


And here come the Australians…

Amanda Mao, medical writer and translator, aka @AcuritMedComms and based in Mebourne, has just said hi on Twitter. We’ll shortly be meeting online for our 7th occasional Zoom meeting of New Zealand medical writers and guests at 11.00 New Zealand time (note the time zone!). This is an informal group that has been facilitated by Peter Llewellyn who is based in the UK. We welcome medical writers and indeed anyone working in or around MedComms, whether based in New Zealand or not. Regulars attend from Australia and Japan and elsewhere.

At this meeting, all being well, the intention is then to hand over to Amanda and also Daniel McGowan who have volunteered to lead these meetings in future. They are well placed to lead relevant discussions and to respond to the local regional interests.



A shout out for the Sponsors of MedComms Networking

As we prepare to start today’s celebration of a Day in the life of #MedComms aka #MedComms Day 2021, then I want a big shout out please for the current Sponsors of MedComms Networking. Without them, none of all this would be possible. Thanks guys!

Adelphi Communications, AMICULUM Ltd, Ashfield Health, Bioscript, Brandcast Health, Envision Pharma Group, Fishawack Health, Helios Medical Communications, Highfield, inScience Communications, Insight Medical Writing, Langland, Lucid Group, McCann Health Medical Communications, NexGen Healthcare Communications, nspm, Ogilvy Health, OPEN Health, Oxford PharmaGenesis and Prime Global.


What’s happening here on 9 June 2021?

On 9 June 2021, we’re once again celebrating the global business that is MedComms. Please join in and help spread the word. This is the tenth year we’re running this annual event. So, here’s the standard blurb, as we start #MedComms Day 2021 and look forward to our first posts, which, all being well, will come in from New Zealand. Then we’ll track across the time zones and finish as the sun sets somewhere on the West coast of the USA – enjoy it, everyone!

Led by members of the MedComms Networking Community, but open to anyone and everyone involved in and around MedComms, anywhere in the world, we hope to be able to capture a representative snapshot of working life in our specialist business. All feedback is welcomed. We’ll be posting stories here on this web site throughout the day, and we’re expecting lots of activity on Twitter and LinkedIn and other social media platforms, using hashtag #medcomms.

How it will work:

We’re expecting lots of social media activity from people across the world who will be posting updates directly via their accounts. Importantly, anyone can then contribute stories, news, photos, videos and so on, to this web site, by emailing a message to Peter Llewellyn of NetworkPharma Ltd, email who will be responsible for posting and curating the content here, throughout the day. Clearly, we need to adhere to professional standards of good taste and decency and avoid any risk of compromising client confidentiality, but beyond that we simply hope to demonstrate the wide variety of activities that are being undertaken on any day, reflect the highs and lows of working life, and maybe show us having a little fun along the way!

We’re looking forward to seeing what is happening in the world of MedComms on 9 June 2021. Prizes will, of course, be on offer to anyone who sends in particularly noteworthy contributions.

If you have any questions during or after the day, please contact Peter Llewellyn, email to whom you should also send all contributions for postings.


Note: Peter Llewellyn runs the MedComms Networking Community. This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities. Why not sign up to our weekly newsletter and please, help spread the word amongst all relevant others.

NW London Freelancers will be meeting online on MedComms Day 2021

Corinne Swainger is  a freelance medical writer and has for a long time now arranged regular, informal dinner meetings of a group of MedComms freelancers based around NW London and further afield.  Freelancing can be quite isolating and it’s really useful to have a group you can chat with from time to time and to call upon for advice.

Because of COVID-19 it’s now been a while since they’ve last met and so they are using #MedComms Day 2021 as an excuse to catch up. On Zoom, of course!

Corinne has said if any other freelancers would like to join them (at 13.30 BST) then please to contact her on email

Let me know your own plans to help spread the #MedComms word on 9 June. Wherever in the world you’ll be.

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 20.49.06

Chat with Tom on MedComms Day 2021

It looks like we’ll be seeing a number of #MedComms agencies specifically aiming to attract the attention of wannabes on MedComms Day 2021. A word to the wise; MedComms is thriving and there’s a lot of recruitment activity at the moment. If you are interested in a career in MedComms, do make use of these opportunities to chat with the insiders.

Here’s what AMICULUM are doing…

For this year’s MedComms Day on Wednesday 9 June, Tom Davies (Global Recruitment Lead) and the careers team have cleared their calendars to chat to you all about life at AMICULUM and career opportunities in healthcare communications!


Let me know your own plans to help spread the #MedComms word on 9 June. Wherever in the world you’ll be.


Learn about a Lucid life on MedComms Day 2021

Hopefully we’ll see plenty of individual initiatives from the #MedComms agencies on 9 June as we all celebrate a day in the life of MedComms. In particular there will be lots of insights for those who are wanting to pursue a career in MedComms.

Here’s what Lucid are doing…

They have dedicated 30 min slots that you can book to have a confidential 1:1 chat with one of the Lucid leaders or talent acquisition managers. They’ll be ready to answer any questions you may have.


Let me know your own plans to help spread the #MedComms word on 9 June. Wherever in the world you’ll be.


Panel confirmed for free webinar on MedComms Day 2021

We run a free weekly #MedComms webinar most Wednesdays and #MedComms Day is no different. We’re delighted to confirm the details below. Everyone’s welcome, please help spread the word.

An exciting outlook for Medical Communications globally

Venue: Global
Date: 12.00 UK time, 09 June 2021 (note the time zone!)

It’s MedComms Day! The MedComms sector is thriving. If anything the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a bright spotlight on the need for accurate, timely scientific exchange and how MedComms specialists can play a pivotal role in facilitating that activity. In this webinar we are joined by representatives from McCann Health Medical Communications. Charlie Buckwell (Global President), Faye Daley (HR Coordinator and Lead for their Mental Health First Aiders programme), Bomi Oladosu (Medical Writer and Member of their D&I Council) and Michael Stevinson (Global Head of Caudex) will reflect on the journey that MedComms has taken to where we are today and discuss current priorities and ponder future opportunities. And we answer questions from the audience.


Let me know your own plans to help spread the #MedComms word on 9 June. Wherever in the world you’ll be.

Thanks ISMPP for supporting MedComms Day 2021

It’s great to be seeing lots of support for our 10th annual #MedComms Day. Do join in on 9 June, wherever in the world you are. Thanks ISMPP (International Society for Medical Publication Professionals) for highlighting it in today’s COMPASS newsletter.

Let’s see plenty of chat about how to more effectively extend the reach of publications on #MedComms Day!

Let me know your own plans to help spread the #MedComms word on 9 June. Wherever in the world you’ll be.

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