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The sun is setting on the MedComms Day

June 7, 2017

It’s become traditional on #MedComms Day now to have a photo sent in by Sarah Smith, a freelance medical writer and editor based on her boat in the The Caribbean to remind us that you can freelance in MedComms from anywhere these days… today it’s Turtle Bay, Trinidad.



MedComms is a truly global business

June 7, 2017

This has just arrived from the team at AMICULUM.

AMICULUM: 180 talented #MedComms individuals representing 26 nationalities based in 7 countries. That’s what ‘global’ means!


MedComms Life in sunny San Francisco

June 7, 2017

Jonnie Plumb has recently moved to San Francisco with Bioscript Group.

Nearly 2 years ago to the day, I made my first steps into a career in MedComms. Having toiled in academia for 10 years, MedComms seemed like an opportune way of continuing all the things I love about science (learning about new diseases, therapy areas, technologies, and meeting leaders in their field) without having to worry about failing experiments, squeezing an expanding lab team into a contracting lab space, and the obligatory lab inspections…

The light shone a path to Bioscript (in Macclesfield, UK) and I have never looked back. When an opportunity arose for myself and my wife to relocate to San Francisco at the beginning of 2017, Bioscript were wholly supportive, allowing and facilitating a move to set up a Bioscript office on the West Coast. It was time to let the sun set over Macclesfield and awaken to a new dawn of opportunities in the US.

Living and working in the Bay Area obviously has its pros, however, getting up for 6 am teleconferences with colleagues and clients in Europe is not always the easiest way to start the day. However, once Europe has gone to bed, your email alerts cease and you can focus on the jobs at hand. Step out at lunchtime for a daily dose of vitamin D and your mind is clear and you can’t help but smile.

MedComms is not without its challenges (tight deadlines, authors going AWOL etc.), but I believe you need to be challenged in order to develop, whether that’s professionally, physically or personally. So, if you’re undecided about making that step from academia, all I can say is get into MedComms, find an agency that is a perfect fit for you and see where in the world that decision takes you.

Did I mention it’s sunny over here?


Another day another flight!

June 7, 2017

Tori Fuller, a Senior Account Manager at Caudex, getting excited to travel to an on-site meeting!


Virtual team meetings

June 7, 2017

Emily Mitchell writes in with news of what’s planned for later today at Caudex.

At Caudex, we’re preparing for an Employee Engagement Survey Workshop this afternoon. Three office locations (New York, Macclesfield and Oxford) and some of our Homeworkers will be Webexing in to discuss the outcomes of our survey and action plan for the hot topics. Should be an interesting afternoon, covering everything from internal communications, to rewards, to resourcing and flexible working.


A postcard from the USA

June 7, 2017

This has just arrived from the team at AMICULUM.

AMICULUM’s teams in Chicago and Princeton are the last to join in the MedComms day celebrations. We’ve recently secured more space in both places to support our growing business.


Club sandwiches and chips – standard MedComms fare at events!

June 7, 2017

Paul Richards and Cathy Baker, both of inScience Communications, are grabbing a quick lunch on site. Paul writes…

“Busy working lunch in Warsaw ahead of big investigator meeting tomorrow.  Been on site for 2 days, one more to go!”


Today Concise is Sponsoring – A Day in the Life of MedComms

June 7, 2017

Many thanks to our Sponsors, Concise. Have you joined in with their online quiz yet? It’s running throughout #MedComms Day 2017. Caroline Buttery, Head of Business Development at Concise has sent in this message from their Hong Kong office.

The 6th annual MedComms Day launched last night, open to anyone and everyone involved in and around MedComms, it aims to capture a representative snapshot of working life in this specialist business. Our team in Hong Kong got us started earlier on today.

The Concise MedComms quiz is live – take a look and see how you get on at

Concise HK Team MedComms 2.jpg

A postcard from the United Kingdom

June 7, 2017

This has just arrived from the team at AMICULUM.

The UK is where it all began for AMICULUM 16 years ago. What was a two-person start-up now employs 180 healthcare communications professionals around the globe.


A postcard from Switzerland

June 7, 2017

This has just arrived from the team at AMICULUM.

AMICULUM’s key clients include global pharmaceutical companies based in Switzerland. AMICULUM has recently expanded its global footprint to include a team in Switzerland to further support our clients.


A postcard from Dubai

June 7, 2017

This has just arrived from the team at AMICULUM.

Located in the heart of Dubai, our AMICULUM ME team is perfectly positioned to partner with pharmaceutical companies throughout the region, combining local knowledge with international communications and consulting expertise.


Embrace the Twitter #MedComms experience today

June 7, 2017

Frankly, the MedComms community is not usually the most active on Twitter but we’re hoping for plenty of signs of life today using our established hashtag #medcomms –  please follow us. The following “tweeps” have all made contributions so far…

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

A postcard from Singapore

June 7, 2017

This has just arrived from the team at AMICULUM.

Definite contender for office with the best view, our Singapore team is located in the landmark Concourse building on Beach Road. Our diverse team includes members of our Delta Kn and Digital agencies.


A postcard from Shanghai

June 7, 2017

This has just arrived from the team at AMICULUM.

Business is thriving for AMICULUM’s team in China, based in the international metropolis of Shanghai, the team supports our clients throughout Asia with a range of MedComms services, in both English and Chinese.


Sun’s up on a frosty morning

June 6, 2017

Blair Hesp, Managing Director at Kainic Medical Communications is also starting his (very long!) day with his team of writers. Hopefully we’ll hear more later as to how the day turns out.


We’re heading for a busy day here at Kainic. New Zealand is becoming a much bigger hub for MedComms than a lot of people may think, especially with the arrival of UK-based agencies, such as Amiculum. The benefits of that are starting to flow into improved publications practices within local biotech companies and it’s opening doors for Kiwis overseas to come home and help build the industry here (hint, hint expats).

We’re now operating with a team of five writers, plus admin support, working across nine countries around the world, so we expect to be touching base one way or another with clients in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the UK today, in addition to working on finding some speakers for the upcoming ISMPP Asia-Pacific meeting that we are helping to organise. Somewhere amongst all the client management and admin, I still manage to fit in a fair bit of writing myself, while also mentoring our growing team of junior writers.

Things generally kick off out here at 7AM as we catch the end of the day in the UK, then we get a bit of a break until around lunch time before other markets in the Asia-Pac region start work. The team will soon be briefed on the plan for the day and all the work that has come through overnight. That will give us some time to crack on, and maybe dash out for a team MedComms day coffee at our local café, Wolf at the Door, who keep us caffeinated.

Around lunchtime we’ll be expecting a flurry of activity out of Australia and Hong Kong as they come online, and we’ll have continuous contact from clients in those countries until around 8 or 9PM, at which point I will then be jumping on a call with a client in the UK to discuss a project.

I also need to get on to editing the first draft of our typeset compilation of blog posts that we have put together over the last 15 months as we look to help our clients maximise their return on freelance writer investment by proactively communicating the ins and outs of being a freelancer, particularly as most agency-based writers have not freelanced over multiple accounts outside of an agency, so are generally unaware of the full extent of the challenges that we face in interpreting briefs, in particular. We’ll be forwarding a copy to our clients soon, but will be happy to provide a copy to anyone who is interested.

A postcard from Auckland

June 6, 2017

This has just arrived from the team at AMICULUM.

AMICULUM’s Auckland office is the first to greet #MedComms day. Since its January 2017 opening, it is one of our fastest growing offices. The New Zealand team works closely with colleagues in Asia, Europe and the USA enabling us to provide our clients with around the clock support.


Greetings from chilly New Zealand!

June 6, 2017

Sheridan Henness, Editorial Team Leader at inScience Communications is heading in to her office…

It’s been very foggy in Auckland lately, so I start my day not knowing whether I’ll be able to see our view of the city and Rangitoto Island once I get to the office. Hopefully I will be able to because it is stunning! Once a cup of tea is procured and the computer’s on, it’s time to see what’s come in to the work inbox overnight from our colleagues in the UK, US, and Europe. Wednesday is my team’s workflow meeting day, so we take our hot drinks and our work schedule into an office to spend 30 minutes talking about who’s doing what, and when they’ll get that done so they can go onto the next project. Later on in the day we’ll likely hear from our colleagues in Japan once they start their working day. Being part of an international team means our work is incredibly varied, ranging from manuscripts to slide decks, posters to training materials, publication plans to conference coverage. Once I finish writing this I’ll be on to a manuscript outline, and once I’ve finished that… who knows? One thing I do know is that life is never boring in MedComms.

And it’s good night from him…

June 9, 2016

…and finally this also sent in by Tim Collinson from Fishawack Communications in San Francisco

Here’s a 20s time-lapse of the #MedComms Day ending from the Fishawack Communications office window – boats zipping around Alcatraz and people dashing to happy hours around the city.  As Truman said, “good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”