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Hop on a plane and extend the MedComms Day

June 8, 2016

We last heard from Jackie Marchington of Caudex when she was settling on to a BA flight at Heathrow, some hours ago, and she’s now landed in Dallas so time zone changes means she still has plenty of the MedComms Day left to enjoy!

Well, thanks to a following wind, we made it in to Dallas an hour early and as a result of APC kiosks, I made it through immigration, customs,  rechecked my luggage,  back through security, monorailed round to my next departure gate and found a seat within an hour of touchdown. Amazeballs!

I confess to not doing all my plane homework, but it was a really early start today, and I did manage to catch a couple of hours’ sleep.

Straight in to meetings after this flight, so may do another update later – now I’m on CDT #medcomms day is young again!


Let’s pretend… a reality check from Trinidad!

June 8, 2016

Freelance medical writer Sarah Smith wrote in earlier at the start of her working day in Trinidad. She has felt moved to dispel my fantasies about living the dream! Sarah writes as follows…

Let’s pretend that my life as a freelance writer living on a yacht and sailing around the world is half as glamorous as you all think that it is and that Peter makes out! The reality is a little different. The boat is on the hard in a boatyard while we do a major refit and I have to climb a ladder every time that I pop to the loo. Inside the boat, I am pretending that I have a real desk, as I am waiting for a new chart table/desk to be fitted. I am feeling inspired in the desk department by the lovely spacious agency offices and cozy home offices in the photos posted from around the MedComms world!


Loving the lifestyle

June 8, 2016

Debby Moss, a principal medical writer at Caudex is homebased and writes…

After a hectic few weeks preparing posters for congress, #MedComms day has felt a little gentler of pace!
Following the school run, I furnished myself with a cup of coffee and trawled through the various emails that needed responses and re-worked my to-do list; an update for a client on author responses, liaising with editors for studio time for a manuscript, updating references for another publication and using Skype to contact a colleague about a query on a particular account. As a homeworker, email, phone and Skype is really important to maintain contact with my work colleagues and account teams; I do have to perfect my sprint however, when someone tries to contact me when I’m away from my desk making a coffee!
We have had four new trainee writers join us and some of the day was dedicated to updating my sessions for them! I also had writing tests to mark for possible new writer recruits. Finally, I used Skype to join a virtual company meeting run from our New York office before now gathering everything I need to take into the Oxford office in the morning! Loving the Caudex lifestyle!


A real international feel to MedComms Day this year

June 8, 2016

Simmone Gardiner at Synergy Vision writes in to say…

It has been a fun and eventful MedComms Day at Synergy Vision, which has a real international feel this year.  Corinne in our Sydney office kicked off the day well ahead of the rest of us,  although Caroline who is in Singapore for a client meeting wasn’t too far behind.   And then it was over to  Katie and Jessica in Copenhagen and Jill and Nick in Paris before the day got going for the team at our London headquarters and Sorcha in our Dublin  office.

The accounts team have been busy getting everything organised for a big symposium being held at the weekend.  Luckily they had two additional ‘helpers’ today, the Synergy dogs Deepher and Dylan.  Unfortunately they kept forgetting that they are here to work (reception duties mainly)  and tried to distract everyone with ball games and barking.  Fortunately for them, their owner Ffyona was out meeting clients in London.

We have our quarterly team day coming up next week so the team are pulling that together to make sure it is as informative and fun as always.  After the formal part of the day, Caz has organised for us to volunteer at a local charity producing home grown food for those in need.  Gardening gloves at the ready!

All the hard work is being rewarded at the end of the day with our monthly film night.  Tonight we will be settling down to watch the 80s classic Ghostbusters (we’ll  tweet some pictures).

Thanks for arranging a great social media day Peter, we can’t wait to see what next year has in store!


30 years in the business and counting

June 8, 2016

Hannah Stevenson at Adelphi Communications writes…

It’s been a fantastic day of celebrations here at the Adelphi Communications, Shanghai and UK offices, with more to come from our US office! Not only have we indulged in team walks in the countryside and a lot of cake, but we’ve also been documenting our time at EULAR 2016 and continuing to celebrate our huge 30 year milestone. Here’s to another wonderfully successful 30 years!


A postcard from Chicago

June 8, 2016

Congratulations AMICULUM on your anniversary this week. Enjoy the celebrations!

Chicago 2016 Photo Frame

A postcard from Princeton

June 8, 2016

Congratulations AMICULUM on your anniversary this week. Enjoy the celebrations!

Princeton 2016 Photo Frame

A postcard from Oxford

June 8, 2016

Congratulations AMICULUM on your anniversary this week. Enjoy the celebrations!

Oxford 2016 Photo Frame

Good morning from Trinidad!

June 8, 2016

Freelance writer Sarah Smith might be said by some to be living the dream… sailing around the world, working as she goes. Isn’t technology great! Have a great MedComms day, Sarah. Let us know how it goes… We’ll hopefully hear from you when it’s time for your sundowners!

It’s a bright, sunny morning here and already hot. I’ve done an hour of yoga as a start to my day; this was the view from my yoga mat. We are a couple of weeks into the rainy season and the rainforest behind my boat/office is bursting into life — my cat/cows and down dogs were hindered by a number of mozzies and flying ants! I have a heavy edit/rewrite lined up for today; I love the process of pulling together the often disconnected fragments of a rough manuscript into a complete and polished piece!



Lots of happy-looking #MedComms folks here – and lots more cake I see!

June 8, 2016

Here’s a taste of what the folks in the Oxford Pharmagenesis offices in Oxford, London and Philadelphia up to this #MedComms Day?

Work # Enjoy # Enthusiasm # Balance # KI @ 24*7

June 8, 2016

Shivali Arora, Founder and Director of Knowledge Isotopes based in India, reflects on their work in MedComms today.

Every day is a MedComms Day for us! We are a researchers’ hard disk, our lives are full of learning, working, exploring things, enthusiasm, motivation and positivity.

Life is full of opportunities and challenges, so is the MedComms world. The opportunities to learn, earn and grab things, as well as the challenges to face, handle and overcome are important components of success. At KI, we learn various things which help in our personal, social and professional lives and make us more passionate for the profession.
What do we learn? We are able to learn something new daily. Apart from the working/ professional skills, we enhance our soft skills. The challenge of meeting deadlines makes us expert in time management. Others are balancing our work and family life, to work under pressure, to work in a team and so on.

A medical writer is a very flexible person. Our needs are not very lavish. What do we need? We just need a positive working environment, mobile phones, laptop, pen, diary and a cup of coffee. All this together makes our day!

We all work together to accomplish our tasks in time. Other than that, what do we do? Do I really need to answer this! We work, we enjoy, we celebrate, we eat, we drink, we play, we hang out, and we do all what we want to do! What else can we expect from our profession!
At KI, life is beautiful. We, as a team, help, understand, guide and support one another. How do we grow? Hopefully, we are all able to explore ourselves in terms of personality, skills, talent. A deep insight into ourselves makes us learn from our mistakes.

How do we live life? The flexibility associated with the MedComms business lets us live a happy and a balanced life. The mothers really feel blessed. The opportunity to work from home keeps us empowered, employed without affecting our motherhood and restricting its expressions.

Overall, the diversity in the profession and life @KI is quite impressive, innovative as well as challenging. I hope and wish everyone could live such a balanced and cheerful life along with gain of professional expertise and experience.

medcomm day

A postcard from Dubai

June 8, 2016

Evida, led by Khaled Musallam, is the latest company to join AMICULUM which reaches its 15th anniversary this week. Enjoy the celebrations!


We just thundered – did you notice?

June 8, 2016

We just about crawled our way to pass our target of 100 supporters but pass it we did – we reached 107, so thank you everyone – and at precisely 12.00 BST a message went out across all our social media accounts. #MedComms thundered!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.06.22

Connectivity is everywhere now!

June 8, 2016

marchington1Great stuff. When the connectivity works. Earlier from the BA lounge at Heathrow. Now from the plane… Jackie Marchington of Caudex is finding she can update us each step of the way as she goes now.



Flying high

June 8, 2016

heathrow1Jackie Marchington of Caudex is off crossing timelines today so hopefully we’ll get an update later, once she’s “stateside”. Travel safe, Jackie.

Morning all. Just caught up with overnight email from the BA lounge in T3. Nothing too drastic, but have had some additional “plane homework” to keep me occupied between here and Dallas. I have the unusual pleasure of flying business class today – courtesy of a late decision for me to attend, and BC was the only available option. Therein lies a lesson in planning (though actually, I don’t mind at all).
My plane homework consists of reviewing all the scientific services account assignments and updating the recruitment list; mugging up on the content for the team I’m going onsite to support; looking at some strategy documents to feed up to the next level in McCann Health; and updating my next few sessions for the trainee writers who have just started with us. Should keep me quiet J
Right. I’m about to trot off to the gate (which of course, is as far from the lounge as it’s possible to be) so will check in later. I have a hideously tight connecting flight, so won’t be updating you on that segment of my trip.

A global operation running from New Zealand

June 7, 2016

Earlier today Blair Hesp of Kainic Medical Communications formally kicked off our MedComms Day 2016 from New Zealand with the first tweet from the right time zone! Here he describes how the day has started for his team.

It’s been a freezing cold start to the day in Dunedin, New Zealand, for the Kainic team. We’re now a truly global operation providing freelance support across Europe, Asia, the US and Australasia, and had briefs sitting in our inbox from several UK- and Hong Kong-based clients by the time I got up this morning.

It looks like slide deck development, manuscript writing, incorporating amendments, developing ref packs/data checking, and overnight Zinc uploads for the rest of the day for us.

I also expect that we’ll be touching base with a local client in New Zealand later on today and continuing our efforts to help organise the Australasian Medical Writer’s Conference that is being held in Auckland in August, which will be the first time it has been held outside of Australia.

In the afternoon we’ll have our clients in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong coming online, so we’ll probably see some client comments and amendments, and possibly the odd new project, coming through from them too.


The starting point…

June 7, 2016

I’ve no idea exactly what will happen or when, over the next 48 hours or so, as we travel through the day across the globe and through the time zones, but it’s now gone midnight in New Zealand on 8 June so here we go…!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 13.01.46


MedComms work is still ongoing on the west coast of the USA

June 10, 2015

Tim Collinson, Business Unit Head West Coast, at Fishawack Communications had an early start in the California office, to catch EU colleagues before their day is over. Later tonight, as Thursday begins in Asia-Pacific, he’ll be joining the ISMPP Asia Pacific Annual Meeting Program Committee, in planning the upcoming inaugural ISMPP meetings in Beijing (Aug 30) and Tokyo (Sept 2).