MedComms Networking West Coast USA style

I thought this was great fun. Thanks to all who joined in. It’s been a long #MedComms Day and I’m running out of steam, but as we now head towards the end of the day it was great to have the opportunity to chat with this eclectic group of specialists thanks to the wonders of Zoom! Discussion topics included plans for the ISMPP West 2021 (Irvine, California, USA, 21-22 October 2021), using crowd-sourced video in medical education, KOL engagement through asynchronous meetings/webinars, extending the reach of publications, and authenticity in healthcare communications.

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Long conference days

eularElaine Bell, freelance medical writer, has sent this in from Spain…
It’s 4.30pm here in Madrid and I am nearing the end of a long working day that began at 6am! I am in Madrid for EULAR to attend a number of video recordings. My role on this trip is as a freelance strategist for Medscape….. the recordings bring together key faculty to discuss hot topics in rheumatology which are then transformed into accredited online learning activities. I really enjoy the discussion of cutting edge science and catching up with key rheumatologist.
I have also been revising a proposal for another client among more mundane tasks such as hunting down key references and abstracts and double checking data.
Tomorrow I will be leading a steering committee meeting and trying to attend some conference sessions followed by another recording on Friday and a poster presentation on Saturday before my flight home.
Meanwhile I plan to catch up with friends for some drinks on one of Madrid’s lovely roof top bars. Adios!

Another productive Wednesday


Beatrice Ferri, Digital Strategist, has written in to say this year’s MedComms Day is already proving another productive Wednesday, at Remedica!

Thirteen members of the team were in Barcelona last week running a meeting for 1600 doctors interested in thromboembolic disease. Not only did we help front-line doctors to discuss practical patient management with many of the world’s leading experts, but we also engaged our audience with some informal learning via a networking fair featuring ‘wheel of fortune’, ‘hook a duck’ and the ‘clot-buster’ coconut shy! Today we’re busy wrapping up a very successful event by preparing an evaluation report, showing exactly what delegates thought of the meeting. We’re also preparing all of the slides presented at the meeting for download by delegates via a link sent in next week’s Eblast, which we’re also preparing!

Right now, several of our medical writers are in Madrid for EULAR (a major, annual, international rheumatology congress) attending advisory boards, where they will be capturing the thoughts of expert thought leaders on a variety of topics. Later today they will be making a start on writing up their reports.

Back in the office, the rest of the team are occupied with a variety of tasks, including creating slide decks for training client Medical teams on a new indication for their drug, to be delivered by webinar-type training sessions, a live training event for the US affiliate to be held in 2 weeks’ time, and via the client’s in-house global slide repository. We’re also finalizing an extensive presentation we have created on competitive intelligence for a product, showing the place and need for the product within the treatment landscape, as well as how the product indirectly compares with key competitors in terms of mechanism of action and clinical data, within the context of the differing study designs and populations. Additionally, we’re reviewing a paper in order to develop a short presentation that will highlight the key data from the manuscript, ensuring the client knows the latest data and is primed to discuss the details with their colleagues and customers alike. 

Another task we’re working on is to develop three oncology symposium agendas for the same client. Working out how to present core information in ways that appeal to three very different audiences is a challenge! The fun bit is thinking of ideas for interactivity, to keep the session engaging. Bingo, anyone? And among all of that, there are weekly teleconferences to attend today to update clients on the status of their (numerous) projects. Happy MedComms Day everyone!

The Dream Team return!

This message just in from Envision Pharma Group’s team in Chicago. Travel safe guys.

Lucinda (Scientific Director), Helen (Senior Editor) and Alice (Project Assistant) are waiting to board a plane back to Manchester following a busy week at ASCO, Chicago!

Alice, who joined Envision Pharma Group back in December 2017, has experienced her first time onsite as part of a #MedComms agency and is already looking forward to her next trip!

Well done team and safe journey back home!



It’s only rock and roll

A message here from aging rocker, John Gonzalez of Solanum Medical Communications (no, I’m not jealous!)

It’s been a tough day trying to concentrate on an assignment I am working on, my ears are still ringing with the sound of rock and roll from last night. Along with some other 50,000 fans and my concert buddy, who incidentally works in pricing and market access, we went to see the Rolling Stones at the Old Trafford Stadium Manchester last evening. After over 50 years of touring, Mick Jagger and co-workers can still draw crowds, fill a stadium and BTW it’s not just ageing rockers that attend. How can they still do this in 2018?. Well charisma, great songs, skilled musicians and a stunning show is probably the answer.

You’re probably thinking what on earth has this got to do with MedComms? What occurred to me last evening were the parallels with organising a successful satellite symposium or conference i.e. when the event you have organised fills the auditorium or congress room and there are no seats left. So what get you this level of success? Charismatic and expert speakers with great presentation skills, interesting content that will resonate with the audience and finally, excellent delivery and organisation of the event. I would say no different to a great rock concert. And to any of you Stones fans out there in the MedComms world “Its only rock and roll but we love it”!



Busy, busy, busy…

Niall Harrison, Scientific Services Director at Darwin Healthcare Communications writes to confirm it’s been another busy day in the Darwin offices!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the projects our teams are working on at the moment. It’s congress season – and meeting season more generally – but this week is actually a little bit of a lull in the travel …

so Andrea (Medical Writer) has returned from the latest in a series of meetings we’re running for nurses and pharmacists working in anticoagulation, and is basking in the glow of excellent feedback (while Lorraine, another our MWs, is gearing up for the next instalment on the 12th) … (#impact)

Becca (Associate MW) and Gwen (Studio Manager) are finalising a typeset report from last month’s European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health congress … (#shiny)

Meg (AMW), Georgie (Editor) and Vicky (Scientific Advisor) are working on a haemophilia monograph, while Mike (AMW) polishes off a congress report on the same account …  (#educational)

Lindsay (PMW) is wrangling the many tendrils of the account known only as “the octopus” … (#slippery)

Deb (MW), Kaileigh (Account Director), Beth (Senior Account Exec) and Bex (Senior Designer) are finalising materials for meetings for HIV nurses, pharmacists, and specialists, all to be delivered by the end of June …  (#frenzy)

Rachel (MW) and Alice (Senior Account Exec) are gearing up for a trip to the EULAR congress in Amsterdam next week … (#expert)

Ros (Senior Account Manager) is helping to get her team set up for trips to Paris and, once again, Amsterdam later this month, while Caroline (PMW) and Anna (Client Services Director) are also researching and planning activities for upcoming congresses … (#prepared)

… but just to remind us that it’s not all exciting travel, Steve (Senior MW) reports that his day has been speaker briefing forms, and then some more speaker briefing forms! (#perspective)


ASCO Annual Meeting 2016 – Tales from Chicago

inscience6This morning in the US the inScience Communications team are reflecting on this year’s ASCO Annual meeting.

We have been on onsite in Chicago now for 5 days, it’s been a fairly bumpy ride!

inScience Communications has had a number of projects going on including session coverage then subsequent slide development covering 6 tumour types plus working with societies in the development of key presentations for lung and gastric tracks.

The team includes writers working back in the UK and also in New Zealand (when the time difference is an advantage!) When we are tired then another timezone takes over. We are mainly surviving on chips (the American variety), diet coke and pizza

Photos from this year’s ASCO illustrate the scale of this meeting (some 37,500 attendees)

Fun times to be had at the rugby scrum otherwise known as ‘Poster Session’


We may be tired but it’s always a pleasure to see this lovely city (albeit mainly from the window of a bus).


Say Hello to Laura from Litmus

Introducing Laura Edwards who works as part of the Litmus team. Laura has taken some time out of her day to give us an overview of her working life:

From one congress to… the next! Fresh from ASCO in glorious Chicago, we move on to planning the next (three) in September. There’s no better way to make a year fly than working in events management! When you explain what you do to your partner/parents/hairdresser it doesn’t seem possible it can take so long to organise a single, one-hour symposium (or similar) but somehow it all adds up. Also on the agenda for today is a standalone meeting for 900 gynaecologists in January (see previous point about planning the weeks away). Currently we’re confirming the last of the 37 speakers, preparing for the site visit and refining the colour scheme for the room dressing/materials. Very similar to where I am with wedding planning in fact (fewer ‘delegates’ and ‘speakers’ but, somewhat perturbingly, a number of other parallels).