Writers, keep on moving

springer_01Catherine Rees, Team Leader, Medical Communications Writing Group at Springer Nature has some useful advice for all of us…

As many MedComms writers will know, it can be challenging to find time to maintain an active lifestyle when working full time. Our Springer Healthcare Auckland office is currently running a “Wellness Block” to improve our awareness of exercise and looking after ourselves. Now that we are heading into the winter months and many of our team are struggling to fight off colds, this is a timely reminder that the life of a medical writer generally involves sitting at the desk for most of the day without moving very much. So much so that my recently-acquired smart watch asked me the other day if I was asleep between 9am and 5pm!! The moral of the story is that it is important to be active whenever you can – get a cup of tea, take a 5-min walk or just have a stretch. It keeps the mind alert and stops your smart watch from thinking you’ve fallen asleep at your desk!!!

Keeep running, San Diego

I’m running out of steam but #MedComms Day 2018 is still running over on the west coast of the USA. Here’s the Fishawack Group team…

At Fishawack’s San Diego office, it’s all paws (err, hands) on deck to seamlessly transition projects from the UK’s EOD to the start of our West Coast morning. To ensure a dogged attention to detail, we enlist the help of our canine coworkers, as often as we can! Happy #Medcomms Day to all!

(Pictured are Ann Barajas (with Gladys) in a meeting; and Jen Humbert (with Theo), beginning to check the day’s messages).



Never a dull moment

David Jenkins, Senior Medical Writer at AXON summarises their day’s activities across the globe.

It’s been business as usual across the AXON offices today; our offices in mainland Europe (Copenhagen and Switzerland) were the first to get started. In London we enjoyed a pizza lunch followed by a spectacular cake! Colleagues in Brighton enjoyed a coffee in the sunshine between deadlines. New York and Toronto came online in their respective timezones to continue the day. Some of our colleagues are fresh (?) back from ASCO and catching up. Busy, varied, cake-fuelled, but never dull….



The Cognito spy

Well, I had fun following the antics of the Cognito spy during the day. Did you spot him? Hugo Dowson from Cognito Medical Communications in London reports…

The Cognito spy took over the agency’s twitter feed for #Medcomms Day. Unbeknownst to the team, he monitored a typical day in the office, from tea making to team meetings. He even managed to check in with the new Nucleus Academy members, finding out how they feel about the experience so far. As the day draws to a close, the spy has been reflecting on the different aspects of Cognito that he saw and decided to apply for our next Academy intake.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.57.19

A well-earned break at Independence Mall

As Europeans start winding down their working day, and the New Zealanders are presumably fast asleep, the US teams are now just getting in to their stride. Here’s the inScience Communications team, based in Philadelphia, posing for a group photo during their lunch break today.

The Philadelphia office of inScience Communications – Springer Healthcare is located in the heart of historic Old City. Following a morning of publications work and client status meetings, members of the Scientific Services team take a well-earned break at Independence Mall (left to right: Amanda Sheldon, Jon Raksin, Michelle Daniels, Jessica Deckman, Chris Radel, and Elizabeth Strickland).



Busy, busy, busy…

Niall Harrison, Scientific Services Director at Darwin Healthcare Communications writes to confirm it’s been another busy day in the Darwin offices!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the projects our teams are working on at the moment. It’s congress season – and meeting season more generally – but this week is actually a little bit of a lull in the travel …

so Andrea (Medical Writer) has returned from the latest in a series of meetings we’re running for nurses and pharmacists working in anticoagulation, and is basking in the glow of excellent feedback (while Lorraine, another our MWs, is gearing up for the next instalment on the 12th) … (#impact)

Becca (Associate MW) and Gwen (Studio Manager) are finalising a typeset report from last month’s European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health congress … (#shiny)

Meg (AMW), Georgie (Editor) and Vicky (Scientific Advisor) are working on a haemophilia monograph, while Mike (AMW) polishes off a congress report on the same account …  (#educational)

Lindsay (PMW) is wrangling the many tendrils of the account known only as “the octopus” … (#slippery)

Deb (MW), Kaileigh (Account Director), Beth (Senior Account Exec) and Bex (Senior Designer) are finalising materials for meetings for HIV nurses, pharmacists, and specialists, all to be delivered by the end of June …  (#frenzy)

Rachel (MW) and Alice (Senior Account Exec) are gearing up for a trip to the EULAR congress in Amsterdam next week … (#expert)

Ros (Senior Account Manager) is helping to get her team set up for trips to Paris and, once again, Amsterdam later this month, while Caroline (PMW) and Anna (Client Services Director) are also researching and planning activities for upcoming congresses … (#prepared)

… but just to remind us that it’s not all exciting travel, Steve (Senior MW) reports that his day has been speaker briefing forms, and then some more speaker briefing forms! (#perspective)


Tranquil Regent’s Canal views

This just in from Nwoza Eshun, Associate Medical Writer at inScience Communications.


My day started with a series of early morning teleconferences, as my clients are based in Asia with a significant time gap. I really enjoy the author calls as it’s a great way to capture what they want to embody in their manuscript, and the conversation can make for a refreshing change to communicating via email.

My workload is very varied and interesting, with no two projects being the same. I am currently working on a manuscript which will communicate the findings from a vaccine developed for a neglected tropical disease. Last week however I was assembling safety slide decks for a drug to be used to educate healthcare professionals at a conference. One of the biggest assets of the structure of our team at inScience Communications, is the availability of support. As an Associate Medical Writer the opportunity to learn on the job is a great way to get practical experience, develop your own style, and a natural confidence booster.

At about 12.30pm we gathered for lunch in the games room to let off steam with games of Foosball and Ping-Pong. It’s nice to gather as a team at lunch time – it builds camaraderie, and contagious laughter at lunch time is good for the soul. On the few occasions when the weather is good in London, I take myself for a walk by Regent’s Canal, which you can see from the office window. It’s such a beautiful tranquil place and its nice be surrounded by calm in such a wonderful bustling city. It’s a great lunchtime escape.

With external meetings out of the way, the afternoon gave me an opportunity to focus on completing work for my ongoing projects.  Happily, it’s now time to wind down and finish up before heading home, unless of course there’s an impromptu meet up after work with colleagues, which is a great way to unwind on a summer’s evening with an array of interesting spots to choose from in nearby in St. Pancras.

Floating vintage bookstore brightens the day!

Evelina Matekonyte, an Associate Medical Writer at inScience Communications, describes her #MedComms day.


My day at work starts with a cup of coffee (the best cure for grumpy mornings!) and a freshly baked croissant from our lovely in-house café. While I rush through the front door, the guard gives me his warmest “good morning”, which always brightens my mood and starts my day on a good note. When I get to my desk, first thing I do is sort through my flooded inbox while at the same time prioritizing tasks for the day. My schedule looks quite busy for the day: a status call with a client, a concept meeting to discuss upcoming publication and a looming deadline for the poster submission to the congress. However time goes incredibly fast when I get stuck in with the projects that are genuinely interesting to me. The role is definitely challenging and no day is the same, however I see every challenge as an incredible opportunity to learn and grow, especially when the knowledge and skills that I gain are so rewarding.

Around 12.30 my focus is interrupted by the smell of the coffee and lunch lingering around the office. Usually we all grab some food from the canteen and eat lunch together, however today, as the weather is nice outside, we decide to go for a walk to the beautiful Granary Square located just few minutes from the office. The atmosphere here is refreshing, with groups of people from the neighbouring offices sitting together on the grass, sunbathing, reading and just enjoying their time off. As we walk by the canal, we come across a bookstore on a boat full of vintage books, journals and old vinyl records! We are warmly greeted by the owner and his dog, lazily stretching in the sun. Even though I resist the urge to buy something in this quirky bookstore, it is definitely one of the highlights and great finds of the day.

Taking eyes (and brain) off the computer screen for an hour definitely serves me well – the work from this point onwards feels like a piece of cake. Revising a poster and addressing author’s comments is my last task for today.

I end up my day by reminding myself how happy and grateful I am to be working with such a great and supporting team in a company where every concern is heard and every opinion matters.

Lots to discuss at the quarterly update meeting

Anna MacDougall, Marketing Manager at inScience Communications has written to say this meeting is happening right now! Look carefully and you can see plentiful supplies of biscuits and cakes so I guess they’re in for the afternoon.

It’s the inScience Communications quarterly update meeting today. The Chester office assembles to hear what’s going on as we get to the half year point. Lots to talk about! We are welcoming 13 new staff members around the group and looking to the second half of the year.


Fun in the sun

Another great view. This one from Kelly Farrell, Editorial Team Lead at InspiredScience in London.


Those who are in the office on this MedComms day take a short and well-earned break to welcome new team members on our lovely rooftop terrace in Bankside! This day finds Team Inspired Science managing a portfolio of medical education activities in therapy areas including gastroenterology, mental health, oncology, ophthalmology, respiratory disease and rheumatology. We are busy this week with the late stage development of an oncology webinar and masterclass series, thought leader filming preparations for EULAR, respiratory advertorials and the drafting of an Iranian ophthalmology manuscript – pretty diverse we think you will agree! Team Inspired Science is having an exciting 2018 so far, and we are looking forward to continuing meaningful work that makes a difference to people’s lives. Strategic savvy, scientific strength, creative curiosity and dynamic delivery: We’ve got it all going on!

Bringing up Bébé in the Industry

We’re getting moving in the USA now. Crystal Hanington is Senior Account Manager at inScience Communications in Philadelphia.


“Alexa, play Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin, by Rockabye Baby.” Some variation of that phrase now starts and ends every work day. If you’ve never heard these records, they are familiar in that these are typically quite popular songs by well-known artists, and brand new in that they are completely instrumental, made – you guessed it – with little ears in mind. They bridge the gap between kid- and adult-friendly music.

If I haven’t already let the cat out of the bag, I’m a new mother. The arrival of my son late last year brought with it the usual suspects – sleepless nights, endless worry, and doubt that creeps in reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Fog. What it also brought, however, was incredible support from my company; inScience Communications, a brand of Springer Healthcare; and from my colleagues and managers. There was the initial excitement shared with all when announcing that I was expecting, coupled with immediate and ongoing support from management, and Human Resources. As his arrival approached, there was an unbelievable outpouring of support and well-wishes received from colleagues and managers. Now that I am back to work full-time, following leave, the support continues in the form of company policies that foster a healthy work-life-balance, and encourage me to set new professional goals to enhance my position here; Senior Account Manager, Client Services.

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Is that more cake I see before me?

A brief reminder that MedComms Day 2018 is being sponsored by Concise (thanks again, guys). Caroline Buttery, their Head of BD and Marketing, has just written in to support the importance of cake in agency life, which is currently getting a lot of mentions over on Twitter! Of the many that have made an appearance on the #MedComms twitter stream so far today, I think we have to agree theirs is the best iced cake so far, but we’ve a long day ahead of us still…

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 13.07.01

Happy MedComms day from Ubud, Bali!

Margot Baldwin, a freelance Zinc-er and expert in Vault Promomats is feeling the heat.
I’m writing this from the sweltering and beautiful co-working space that is Hubud in Ubud, Bali. Today’s activities include eating delicious food, swimming and a quick massage before it’s back to the grindstone (or is it really….?) to work. The most stressful part of my day is making sure that the (extremely bold) monkeys steer clear of my computer, electrical equipment (and, of course, food!) Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention the extreme festivities of Galungan descending upon me, assaulting and delighting all of the senses. Galungan is the extended Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of good over evil. So no biggie then.

Quite a juxtaposition to this time last year, when I was huddled over my laptop in sub zero temperatures of Edinburgh. A completely different beauty surrounded me then, as did a vastly different culture and climate. This is why I love freelancing so much – I never know where I’ll be one year to the next.

The REALLY great news, is that I can provide an overnight service for all my UK clients. It’s win-win for everyone!