Chatting with Elif Melis Bicer of Lucid Group

June 12, 2019


Steve Scott at Media Contacts has chatted with Elif Melis Bicer, Senior Account Manager at Lucid Group.

What attracted you to this career in the first place?

Not quite being sure what I wanted to do after my Ph.D., but knowing I definitely didn’t want to stay in the lab(!), my supervisor told me about a past student of who’d gone into MedComms, and had a career that involved both science and creativity (aka the dream!), and I was sold!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

The people! I have loved almost everyone I’ve worked with in every agency. A close second is getting the opportunity to work on projects i’ve been truly passionate about, and pitching  brilliant ideas to clients, getting to see the wild look in their eyes of wanting desperately to say yes (a fair few even do!), before the inevitable ‘we’ve got limited budget this year…’

What is the most challenging experience you have faced?

Working with a new client, who clearly loved and wanted to continue working with their previous agency, and proceeded to make life extremely difficult… (can every email really be marked urgent!?!) 

What’s the funniest memory and/or highlight of your career so far?

After having completed a project for an extremely demanding client  – three times daily whatsapp calls and messages (on my work phone) etc, said client, tried to set me up with her son, asked me to look him up on Facebook and waited on the phone to hear my reaction to his photos!

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

A moomin?

What’s a typical day look like for you?

Emails, all the emails, team meetings and 121 catch ups, client TCs, liaising with studio and learning! From finding out more about a therapy area, the clients strategy to new ideas of how to approach things

What would your key tasks in a typical day be?

Proposal and budget development 

Thanks, Elif. Have a great day!


What are you doing on MedComms Day?

June 12, 2019

charlesworth_01Julie Charlesworth, Founder and Director of A Tree of Life Sciences Ltd, is working on her publications.

In answer to the question ‘What are you doing on MedComms Day?’: I am posting an initial blog on my website about a recent publication (Springer Nature Trials journal) on Population Health Intervention Research (PHIR) of which I am a co-author. I am also drafting more communications to augment this post. This is the culmination of significant involvement in international collaborative, transdisciplinary work, and across new fields; contributing writing, editing non-native English, consultancy, and Intellectual input. Exciting times!

I am also monitoring the progress of another publication. Watch this space….

I continue to work on career mentoring, other support for PhD students, supporting the freelance cause, and more.

Busy day at the office?

June 12, 2019

Jon Gawley, Account Director at ID Seach and Selection has prepared a little video to offer everyone his best wishes for a Happy #MedComms Day 2019.

Greetings from AMICULUM in Bern

June 12, 2019

Give a wave to the AMICULUM team in Bern

day has started in Europe. Grüezi from our office


Closing down in New Zealand

June 12, 2019

And an end-of-the-working-day message from Sheridan Henness, Freelance medical writer. And another example of how the #MedCommsPets can help us through the day.

MedComms Day is drawing to a close here in New Zealand, but it’s been a good one. My day started with packing off my CFO (Chief Furry Officer) Toby to doggie daycare, and then getting stuck into some work before the New Zealand Medical Writers Zoom call, specially organized for today by Peter. The call was great; I think working as a freelancer in New Zealand comes with some unique challenges, so it was good to talk about those things and put some faces to names. After that it was back into work. Today I was working on some manuscripts on ulcerative colitis and migraine, but tomorrow I’ll move on to some oncology work. Diversity in therapeutic areas is the name of the game around here, and that’s one of the many things I love about this job. But right now me and the CFO are settling in for some relaxation time before it all starts again tomorrow. I hope everyone who is just starting their MedComms Day has a great one!


Writers, keep on moving

June 12, 2019

springer_01Catherine Rees, Team Leader, Medical Communications Writing Group at Springer Nature has some useful advice for all of us…

As many MedComms writers will know, it can be challenging to find time to maintain an active lifestyle when working full time. Our Springer Healthcare Auckland office is currently running a “Wellness Block” to improve our awareness of exercise and looking after ourselves. Now that we are heading into the winter months and many of our team are struggling to fight off colds, this is a timely reminder that the life of a medical writer generally involves sitting at the desk for most of the day without moving very much. So much so that my recently-acquired smart watch asked me the other day if I was asleep between 9am and 5pm!! The moral of the story is that it is important to be active whenever you can – get a cup of tea, take a 5-min walk or just have a stretch. It keeps the mind alert and stops your smart watch from thinking you’ve fallen asleep at your desk!!!

Greetings from AMICULUM in Dubai

June 12, 2019

Give a wave to the AMICULUM team in Dubai

Marhaba from Dubai, where it’s 9am and already 40ᵒC. Is anyone celebrating #MedComms day anywhere hotter than our MENA team?


Working with toddlers and kittens

June 12, 2019

Blair Hesp, Managing Director of Kainic Medical Communications was also on our Zoom meeting of the New Zealand Medical writers, today, having started the day like many of us do. Juggling kids, animals and emails.

As usual, we had an early start picking up and responding to emails from our overseas clients to kick off the morning, while simultaneously wrangling breakfast for a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old (and a kitten). This was followed by the traditional MedComms Day coffee on the boss at Kainic before jumping on a video call with some of our colleagues from around New Zealand (thanks for facilitating Peter!), while some of the more camera-shy team were working on a manuscript for a US-based client. We’ve also been working on a document for a client in Hong Kong today, in addition to working on plans for the International Society of Medical Publications Professionals (ISMPP) Asia-Pacific conference to be held in Tokyo in September. We’re also prepping for a new starter on Monday who will be joining our expanding team.


Dreaming about Rarotonga

June 12, 2019
ryan_01Followng our Zoom meeting of the New Zealand medical writers, independent Medical Communications Specialist Nicola Ryan turns back to her work….

The photo is of my little corner of the world at home. Of course I’d rather be in Rarotonga (as pictured on the computer desktop), but happy not to have to go outside to commute on colder winter days!

#MedComms day for me started, as always, with checking e-mail. With nearly all my clients coming from the other side of the world, the first venture into e-mail each morning can be either a relief (no unexpected/urgent work) or a bit stressful (too many new projects, not enough time?!). I’m juggling the final stages of a few projects (journal page proofs, submissions, final author comments) with three manuscripts (two ORAs, one large review) that need to be completed by the end of the month – all fitted around the other smaller bits and pieces that come up on a day-to-day basis. Most of my work is direct with KOLs, or sometimes pharma or device companies, so I don’t always know how each day will pan out, but that’s what keeps things interesting – right? The zoom meeting with other NZ medical writers was a welcome interlude in my day. Great to see some new faces and some old ones too. It helps to feel less isolated. Very grateful to Peter Llewellyn for staying up well after the witching hour to make it all happen. Have a great day everyone.

Greetings From AMICULUM in Shanghai

June 12, 2019

Give a wave to the AMICULUM team in Shanghai

Our Shanghai team is celebrating #MedComms day at the China Medical Affairs Summit, discussing the future of medical affairs and the impact of medical education on clinical practice and patient outcomes.


Greetings from AMICULUM in Singapore

June 12, 2019

Give a wave to the AMICULUM team in Singapore

Our second office is now online… Good morning from Singapore!  #medcomms


Chatting with the New Zealand writers

June 12, 2019

Well, that was fun. Using zoom meant a group of us from aross New Zealand and elswhere could chat informally together about working life for medical writers. We covered off developing business, keeping clients and when necessary knowing when to turn away projects.

Thanks to Matt Boyd and Marie Cheeseman and Mark English and Adi Ferrara and Sheridan Henness and Blair Hesp and Harriet Lamb and Kathryn Lee and Daniel McGowan and Tricia Newell and Nicola Ryan and Lyndal Staples for joining in.

And it looks like we’ve agreed we’ll do it again, sometime soon. I look forward to it.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 00.05.42

Good morning from sunny Napier, New Zealand

June 11, 2019

staples_01Lyndal Staples, Freelance Medical Writer, has sent the kids off to school and is now getting down to work…

Like all my previous posts to the #MedComms Day page, I’ll start my contribution with a good morning from sunny Napier, New Zealand. It’s shaping up to be another gorgeous, albeit chilly, day here.

My day as a freelance medical writer has started like most others. The kids are up, dressed and off to school and I’m just about to get stuck into today’s work. I’m currently working on some materials for an agency in the United Kingdom. I started my most recent contract with them last month, and it’s great to be back on board working with some familiar faces.

Later this morning I’ll be joining the Zoom video meeting of New Zealand medical writers organised by Peter. It will be great to catch up with those folks that I know, as well as a few new ones.

I’ll be following this year’s MedComms Day feed with interest. It’s easy to feel a little out of touch being a freelancer (especially one who lives at the bottom of the world…), but days like these remind me that I’m part of a big global community.


Greetings from AMICULUM in Auckland

June 11, 2019

Give a wave to the AMICULUM team in Auckland

Kia Ora! The 8th annual #MedComms day has officially started in New Zealand. Our Auckland team are the first AMICULUM office to log on for the day.


Kia ora world! MedComms day – Dunedin, New Zealand

June 11, 2019

Here we go. Every year the same. More stunning photos arrive from New Zealand making me wish I had moved there when I was younger! Mark Caswell, Medical Writer at BPAC, has just been for a run…

Here is the start of MedComms day in Dunedin as seen on my morning run. I’m not going into the office today as I am solo parenting our two year old and the day will be spent at home. My parents normally look after her on a Wednesday, but they are overseas… Anyways, I probably will miss the zoom meeting later this morning, but we’ll see what happens. I hope you have a great day and good on you for organising.


The working day has started….

June 11, 2019

Seen on LinkedIn… As best I can tell, this qualifies as our very first comment on MedComms Day from the right time zone. Have a great day Daniel McGowan, PhD, CMPP, MInstD

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 21.29.34

Celebrate MedComms Day 2019 with the New Zealand Medical Writers

June 11, 2019

Hosted by Peter Llewellyn of NetworkPharma Ltd and founder of the global MedComms Networking Community initiative, this will be an informal virtual meeting of the New Zealand Medical Writers. We’ll talk for an hour specifically about working life in New Zealand but anyone from the global MedComms commmunity elsewhere is welcome to join us as we celebrate a Day in the life of #MedComms. So, do please come and meet some New Zealanders!



Another big shout out for the Sponsors of MedComms Networking

June 11, 2019

Today’s celebration of a Day in the life of #MedComms aka #MedComms Day 2019 is supported by Media Contacts – we thank them very much and we’ll be seeing more of them throughout today.

But as we prepare to start, then I want a big shout out please for the current Sponsors of MedComms Networking, without them none of all this would be possible. Thanks guys!

Adelphi Communications, AMICULUM Ltd, Ashfield Healthcare Communications, Caudex, Envision Pharma Group, Fishawack Group, HealthCare21 Communications, Helios Medical Communications, Highfield, inScience Communications, Insight Medical Writing, Lucid Group, nspm, Oxford PharmaGenesis, Prime Global and Spirit Group.