Greetings from a freelancer in Sweden!

June 6, 2018

Another great view from Kris Rydholm Överby.

This year, MedComms Day falls on our Swedish National Day Holiday! Everyone is enjoying bright sunshine and lovely weather as we proudly display the Swedish flag at home. 

Not too much holiday rest for this freelancer, however! I have a number of projects I am working on today: 

– Developing an educational slide deck for the innovative Swedish CPS 6000 system, which monitors negative and positive air pressures in isolation rooms and operating theatres

– Editing a review article for a Future Medicine journal

– Translation from Swedish to English of Medicvent product materials for evacuation of nitrous oxide, surgical smoke and anesthesia gases

Greetings from me to everyone on MedComms Day from Sigtuna, Sweden, founded by the Viking Erik the Victorious in the year 980. I will go back to work now so we can light the barbecue and celebrate Swedish National Day later this afternoon!


Wrapping up in New Zealand

June 6, 2018

Mark English, freelance writer, is preparing for some serious traveling over the coming days. Ping him a message if you want to meet up and hear about freelance life in New Zealand – and those views. Oh, those views!

english_01It was a cold start here in Wanaka, New Zealand with overnight snow on the mountains and mountain passes, so the log fire was cranked up well before work began. Like most freelancers in New Zealand, the start of my day consisted of catching up on emails that arrived overnight from various parts of the globe. I then incorporated some minor comments on an oncology e-learning tool and the rest of my day was spent organising an upcoming trip. Living in New Zealand, I don’t get the chance to meet clients very often, but we (myself and my better half) are heading on an overseas trip on Saturday visiting old and new clients in San Francisco, New Jersey, Philadelphia and the U.K. We are also throwing in an advisory board meeting in Barcelona just for the fun of it and then finally we are spending some time with family in the Lake District U.K. (can I order sunshine there please?). I have been a medical writer for 18 years now and I still absolutely love my job and the variety it brings. Anyhow, less of the I love my job warm fuzzies, does anyone want to meet me for a coffee and a natter on my travels? Yes? Fantastic. Here is my email address —->

And finally, I will leave you with a much-requested photo. Here is tonight’s sunset over Lake Wanaka. If you look very closely, you might see Mt Aspiring in the far distance, New Zealand’s second highest peak at 3,033 metres!


Flexible working works

June 6, 2018

Louise Niven is Principal Medical Writer at Aspire Scientific.


Life can be hectic, but having a flexible job provides a little more breathing space and the versatility needed to balance work and personal commitments, something that has become even more important to me since becoming a mum. As a home-based principal medical writer at Aspire Scientific, working part-time flexible hours allows me to maximise time with my family while also fitting in regular volunteer work and even some exercise now and then!

After waving goodbye to my husband and toddler as they head off to work and nursery, MedComms day will start like any other – by preparing a large mug of coffee to enjoy as I catch-up on emails and plan my day. I will spend the morning reviewing an outline for a review on biomarkers drafted by a colleague, before donning my headset to join a team Skype meeting. After grabbing a quick lunch, I will head out on a short visit as part of my role as a volunteer befriender to older people.

Once back at home, my time will be dedicated to drafting a poster for a forthcoming oncology conference. Before rush-hour hits, I will head out to pick up my son from nursery and if the weather is good we’ll stop by the park on the way home. After dinner and the bed-time routine I will return to my desk to tie up any outstanding actions from the day. There is usually time for a quick jog, followed by relaxing with a book or a film before my toddler wakes up and demands a little help getting back to sleep again!

Embrace the Twitter #MedComms experience today

June 6, 2018

Frankly, the MedComms community is still not the most active on Twitter but we’re hoping for plenty of signs of life today using our established hashtag #medcomms –  so please do follow us there. The following “tweeps”, all based out in Australasia, have kicked us off with their posts early today. Hopefully we’re all just warming up…

@SarahMMcKay + @DrRuthHadfield + @KainicMedical + @concisegroup + @MarkEnglish + @RxComms + @michellegwriter + @JuliaArchbold@karenjfarrar@PECjournal

Come on #MedComms!

Greetings from the land of the rising sun

June 6, 2018

This just in from Masahira Kurosaki, Project Administrator at inScience Communications, Tokyo.

Today finds us working on a number of English and Japanese manuscript projects at our offices in Shiroyama Trust Tower, Tokyo. Business is fast moving in the Japanese Medcomms world these days and the inScience Communications team is proud to be a growing part of the community here. It’s great to be part of international projects and collaborating with our colleagues around the world.

Wishing all around the world a successful MedComms Day!


Greetings from Concise Asia

June 6, 2018

A postcard has arrived from the Singapore office of our Sponsors of #MedComms Day 2018. A huge thanks for your support, guys. The global team from Concise are sharing a host of #EventTips throughout the day on Twitter if you follow #MedComms.


Good morning and happy MedComms day from Sydney, Australia

June 6, 2018

This just in from Ruth Hadfield, Freelance medical writer & research consultant and membership secretary of the Australasian Medical Writers Association, with an invite to Melbourne in August.

It is winter here so I am sitting in my office with the heating on full, my Ugg boots on and cradling a warm cup of coffee.

My number one task today is to spend some time finding sponsorship for the forthcoming Australasian Medical Writers (AMWA) Conference. This year’s theme is Integrity in a Post-Truth World and the conference is being held in Melbourne, Australia on 23-25 August. The AMWA conference committee have put together a fabulous program and AMWA president Michelle Guillemard has done a truly wonderful job leading this. As a not-for-profit and volunteer run organisation we need sponsorship to make sure this event can be held annually. AMWA would love to see as many MedComms professionals at the conference as possible so please consider this your invitation.

Today is a day of tidying up loose ends after many weeks of back to back jobs. Next up on my task list are preparing some quotes, website updates and responding to emails.

I will enjoy watching the rest of the world wake up and hearing about what you are all are doing this MedComms day!


It’s a good morning from sunny Napier, New Zealand

June 5, 2018

Lyndal Staples, Freelance writer, writes that she loves seeing what people are up to around the world on #MedComms Day.

It’s a good morning from sunny Napier, New Zealand. (It’s a relief to preface Napier with the word sunny because it’s been cold and miserable here over the past few days. I know it’s the middle of winter, but still…)

My day as a freelance medical writer has started like most others. I’ve hauled the kids out of bed and off to school/kindergarten and am just about to get stuck into today’s work. As per usual, I’m wearing my corporate wardrobe (ie Ugg boots) and have a cup of coffee close by. The cat’s parked up by the fire, likely glaring at me and wondering when I’ll next deign to feed her. (She’s a rescue cat; honestly, you’d think she’d be more grateful.)

I’m currently working on some conference materials for an agency in the United Kingdom. I’ve spent all of this year aligned with the company and it’s been great working with the same team and having surety around the number of hours I’ll be working and the timeframe in which I’ll get paid. Long-term contracts like my current one definitely have their upsides, although there’s always a bit of nervousness about retiring my other clients, even if it’s just for a few months.

I’m looking forward to following the feed for MedComms Day 2018. It’s great to see what everyone is up to in this around-the-world, around-the-clock business of ours. It’s easy to feel a bit out of touch being a freelancer (especially one at the bottom of the world…), but it’s days like these that I definitely feel part of a big global community.


Beautiful morning skies in Auckland

June 5, 2018

Mimi Chan, Medical Writer at inScience Communications is an early riser…

I started my MedComms journey a mere 6 months ago, having toiled in academia as a PhD slave…I mean, student.  MedComms seemed to encompass everything I love about science and technology without the ever looming worry of failed experiments, budget restrictions and lab obligations.

So what does a typical day-in-the-life of a MedComms rookie look like? Starting my day at 5am, I make my way in the 2˚C temperature to the gym. After an hour of cardio/resistance/whatever else is fad in fitness these days, I’m ready to start my work day! Being winter in the southern hemisphere, I’ll spend another hour defrosting my car and myself as I drive to the office with the air conditioning on full blast.

It’s just before 8 o’clock when I arrive at the office to be greeted by my other early-bird colleagues and this gorgeous view of the volcanic Tuff Crater. With a strong coffee in hand, I’m ready for whatever the day throws at me. Once the European and Asian offices have gone to sleep, our work inbox is filled with projects, which will keep me busy for the rest of the day.

MedComms is not without its challenges (tight deadlines, deciphering author’s comments etc.), but I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way!


Getting going in Dunedin

June 5, 2018

kainic_01Blair Hesp, Managing Director of Kainic Medical Communications has followed up his first tweet of the #MedComms Day with this quick message…

Well, we’re into the middle of winter here in NZ and it’s freezing today, while our Northern Hemisphere colleagues enjoy the longer nights and warmer weather of summer. So, we’re up in the dark as usual at this time of year, triaging the briefs and requests for support that have come in overnight, while trying to manage a 2-month-old and wrangle a 3-year-old.

Most of our clients are surprised to hear that the team of four at Kainic have handled more than 300 individual projects for our clients in 11 countries over the last 12 months. So, in the spirit of surprising facts and figures about NZ, we thought we’d kick off #MedComms Day with a few interesting and relevant facts that are little known by people outside of NZ:

  • Auckland, our main city, is actually more diverse than London in terms of residents’ nationalities and languages spoken
  • Every university in NZ is ranked in the top 500 in the world
  • NZ is consistently rated as being one of the easiest places in the world to do business, as well as maintaining one of the best standards of living and happiest societies
  • The disposable syringe was invented here
  • At 14%, New Zealand has one of the biggest expatriate diasporas in the developed world (second only to Ireland)
  • While you may frequently encounter New Zealanders on working holidays, we have reciprocal schemes internationally (please get in touch if you or someone you know might be interested in a sabbatical/secondment at Kainic)

Right, got to run. Nappies to change and children to feed.

The working day has started in New Zealand

June 5, 2018

So Blair Hesp, aka @KainicMedical and Managing Director of Kainic Medical Communications, is our first New Zealander to officially kick off #MedComms Day 2018 with the first #medcomms tweet to appear on 6 June 2018 from the correct time zone. Here we go…

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 20.49.12





June 5, 2018

And so it starts… slowly I guess since they should still be asleep in New Zealand but this is the official start of Day on 6 June 2018. Enjoy the day. Wherever in the world you are on 6 June please share your news here and via Twitter using #MedComms and all your other favourite social media channels…

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 13.01.41


A big shout out for the Sponsors of MedComms Networking

June 5, 2018

Today’s celebration of a Day in the life of #MedComms aka #MedComms Day 2018 is supported by Concise – we thank them very much and we’ll be seeing more of them throughout today.

But as we prepare to start, then I want a big shout out please for the Sponsors of MedComms Networking, without them none of all this would be possible. Thanks guys!


Ready, steady…

June 5, 2018

Computers, caps and refreshments are all ready for the looong #MedComms Day ahead. My co-Director, Teddy, makes his annual appearance as we test the systems. Frankly, though, we’ve no idea what’s coming or what to test for…



Will we hear the thunder on #MedComms Day 2018?

June 5, 2018

We’ve done it before. Can we do it this year? We only need 100 supporters of our Thunderclap in order to launch our message to the wider community. We’ve a little further to go, though, to reach the target for tomorrow. Please join in and help spread the word and then listen out for the thunder at 12.00 BST on 6th June aka #MedComms Day – please join in now!

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.27.37

What’s happening here on 6 June 2018?

June 5, 2018

On 6 June 2018, we’re once again celebrating the global business that is MedComms. Please join in and help spread the word. This is the seventh year we’re running this annual event. So, here’s the standard blurb, as we approach the start of #MedComms Day 2018 and look forward to our first posts, which, all being well, will come in from New Zealand. Then we’ll track across the time zones and finish as the sun sets somewhere on the West coast of the USA – enjoy it, everyone!

Led by members of the MedComms Networking Community, but open to anyone and everyone involved in and around MedComms, anywhere in the world, we hope to be able to capture a representative snapshot of working life in our specialist business. All feedback is welcomed. We’ll be posting stories here on this web site throughout the day, and we’re expecting lots of activity on Twitter using hashtag #medcomms. There’s the MedComms Networking Facebook page and the MedComms Networking LinkedIn Group as well.

How it will work:

We’re expecting lots of social media activity from people across the world who will be posting updates directly via their accounts. Importantly, anyone can then contribute stories, news, photos, videos and so on, to this web site, by emailing a message to Peter Llewellyn of NetworkPharma Ltd, email who will be responsible for posting and curating the content here, throughout the day. Clearly, we need to adhere to professional standards of good taste and decency and avoid any risk of compromising client confidentiality, but beyond that we simply hope to demonstrate the wide variety of activities that are being undertaken on any day, reflect the highs and lows of working life, and maybe show us having a little fun along the way!

So what might be posted here on 6 June?

It’s up to you. Hopefully we won’t have too many pictures of individuals or teams simply hard at work at their computers. Perhaps we’ll see attendees at briefing meetings, status meetings, post-mortem meetings, company meetings, staff meetings, client meetings… all sort of meetings. Maybe celebrations of pitch wins or company anniversaries or new awards. Maybe we’ll see news from the many scientific and medical events that will be occurring around the world on the day with people preparing for the events, building exhibition stands, preparing presentations and maybe pictures of speakers at the podiums. Since many in the community will be traveling either to or from meetings of one sort or another, we might see lots of pictures of the insides of airports, taxis, hotels and conference centres. Will anyone have time to show us the local sights and landmarks?

And it doesn’t have to all be strictly about work. Will anyone be out on their company’s summer day out? Or on a team building exercise? Or a training course? Will we hear of any birthdays, births or marriages? Will there be any breakfasts in interesting places, or lunch meetings or after-work drinks to toast a successful day’s work?

We’re looking forward to seeing what is happening in the world of MedComms on 6 June 2018. Prizes will, of course, be on offer to anyone who sends in particularly noteworthy contributions.

If you have any questions during or after the day, please contact Peter Llewellyn, email to whom you should also send all contributions for postings.


Note: Peter Llewellyn runs the MedComms Networking Community. This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities. Why not sign up to our weekly newsletter and please, help spread the word amongst all relevant others.

Join our 2018 Thunderclap now!

May 1, 2018

At 12.00 BST on 6 June 2018 we’re hoping to make a real impact again – join our Thunderclap now and help share this message on the day…

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 06.58.25

Looking ahead to a date for 2018

January 2, 2018

It’s never too early to start planning so let’s get our next date in the diary to work around – we’ll Celebrate a Day in the Life of MedComms in 2018 on Wednesday 6 June. Please send me your thoughts, ideas, offers of support and so on at Let’s make our 7th annual celebration the biggest, best and boldest yet!

Once again we expect contributions from across the globe, from Auckland in New Zealand to San Francisco in the USA, providing great insights into the MedComms working day. So get ready to dust off your Twitter account and use hashtag #MedComms.

A huge thanks to Concise again this year for supporting this valuable community initiative.