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May 9, 2017

At 12.00 BST on 7 June 2017 we’re hoping to make an impact – join our Thunderclap now

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Looking ahead to a date for 2017

January 29, 2017

It’s never too early to start planning so let’s get our next date in the diary to work around – we’ll Celebrate a Day in the Life of MedComms in 2017 on Wednesday 7 June. Please send me your thoughts, ideas, offers of support and so on. And once again let’s make it bigger better and even bolder!




The Twitter experience in 2016

June 9, 2016

About this time last year I added a few quick words here about what happened on Twitter during #MedComms Day 2015, and I wrote “Quite a lot!”

Well, this year we can write “quite a lot more!” I have captured the Twitter stream here as a PDF document and it makes for fascinating browsing.

[DOWNLOAD THE PDF – Warning: it is 107 pages and a 30 MB file!]

The TweetReach report for #MedComms over the last few days (essentially nothing much happens other than on #MedComms Day) shows 254 contributors, 931 tweets, reaching 189,728 accounts and clocking up 774,808 impressions, which once again sounds like quite a lot for small specialist business community.

The comparison with last year can be seen below.

What exactly it means in practice is another question. I’ll leave you all to ponder that one. Many thanks anyway to all the “Tweeps” who did join in.

Looking back:

In 2012 when we started, Twitter wasn’t mentioned

In 2013 we had what I referred to at the time as “a small but steady stream of tweets” and I listed 30 of us [Download the 2013 Tweet Stream]

In 2014 we saw a significant jump in activity [Download the 2014 Tweet Stream]

Last year we saw a massive jump in activity – [DOWNLOAD THE TWEETREACH REPORT ]

Punch drunk – another morning after the day before

June 9, 2016

On 8 June 2016 we celebrated A Day in the Life of MedComms. Contributions came in from around the world and were published here as they arrived throughout the day whilst over at Twitter we saw a steady stream of messages using hashtag #MedComms (I’ll post more about the Twitter experience separately).

Browse through the many posts and see what you think. Overall, the variety was quite impressive, and together they provide an insight into daily working life in MedComms. Hopefully everyone had a little fun along the way.

This is the fifth year we have undertaken this exercise. Please let me know if you think it’s worthwhile.

I’d really appreciate hearing your comments and feedback either posted here or sent direct to me at

Many thanks to the many who participated and supported us, one way or another.

I hope you enjoy the stories. Scroll down, use the search box or use the menu to the right hand side to read more about A Day in the Life of MedComms.


Peter Llewellyn, NetworkPharma Ltd, founder of the global MedComms Networking Community and Curator of the 2016 Day in the Life of MedComms.

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Wrapping up for 2016

June 9, 2016

I need some sleep and it does look like we’re finished here for the day. So I am calling a halt to our MedComms Day 2016. It’s been interesting but a lot of work again. Hopefully it’s provided a useful insight into the specialist business we call MedComms and been a bit of fun for everyone as well.

Please note, I’m very aware I now need to go back over some of the postings and tidy the content. Please feel free to email me at and point me at any errors that need fixing if you spot them before me.

I’d welcome comments and feedback so please do leave comments here or contact me directly. I am, as always, happy to chat anytime.

Meanwhile, please keep the conversations going on Twitter using hashtag #medcomms and join us at the MedComms Networking Facebook page and the MedComms Networking LinkedIn Group as well. Anyone working in or around MedComms is welcome to join in with the activities of the MedComms Networking Community.

Goodnight all, wherever in the world you are tonight.


Peter Llewellyn


A little rain in Trinidad tonight

June 9, 2016

Oh well, no great sunsets tonight but Sarah Smith, Freelance writer, is drinking her sundowners anyway and wishes everyone in MedComms a good night!

Liquid sunshine.jpg


And it’s good night from him…

June 9, 2016

…and finally this also sent in by Tim Collinson from Fishawack Communications in San Francisco

Here’s a 20s time-lapse of the #MedComms Day ending from the Fishawack Communications office window – boats zipping around Alcatraz and people dashing to happy hours around the city.  As Truman said, “good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

Switching off the lights and heading home at the end of another busy #MedComms Day…

June 9, 2016

Way out West in Fishawack Communications’ San Francisco office, Tim Collinson enjoys the Californian end of the #MedComms Day.

Kicking off the day was an early morning call with a team spread across our Swiss and US offices, to brainstorm ideas for a 2017 medical plan with our client team (also based in Switzerland and San Francisco).

Next, a debriefing following recent interviews for our San Francisco editorial team positions. Med comms attracts such a diverse and talented bunch of experts and eccentrics! Always fun and interesting to meet; the search continues…

9:30 am: EU calls and emails down to a trickle. Time for some project work. A client’s poster has just been safely delivered in San Diego for the 58th annual meeting of the American Headache Society starting this week.  On to some reviewing – tracked changes can really make a mess eh? All for the greater good though.

Lunchtime: you’re never far from a good food truck in San Francisco – one right outside the office today –  the bear on California Republic flag looking down on it.  Food-in-belly, and a couple of blocks’ walk to the Moscone Center to check out the 2016 BIO International Convention. It’s a big deal and apparently over 15,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders are here in “the birthplace of biotech” for it.  FDA Commissioner, Robert Califf, urged industry to “talk to patients”; and Will Smith gave a keynote talk. Say no more!

We’re already focused on a busy week of client meetings next week, which took care of the afternoon. Preparation is everything!

My long MedComms Day

June 8, 2016

Jane TrickerJane Tricker is a Freelance writer based in Kent and is working late tonight.

I started early today – my youngest daughter is just back from medical school for the summer and I wanted to spend some time with her during the day.

I’ve been revising the first draft of a manuscript that will form part of a supplement. In additional to their textual changes, the authors had sent a list of additional references that they want to include in the paper. So, having sourced copies of all of the references either from PubMed or the agency’s reference library, I’ve spent most of the day incorporating this new information into the manuscript. In between times, I’ve provided some advice on addressing reviewer’s comments on another (unrelated) manuscript and signed a contract to work with a new client. I’ll do a little bit more work on the revisions this evening and hopefully just have the reference list to rebuild tomorrow.

It’s been a long day – but a productive one.

Hop on a plane and extend the MedComms Day

June 8, 2016

We last heard from Jackie Marchington of Caudex when she was settling on to a BA flight at Heathrow, some hours ago, and she’s now landed in Dallas so time zone changes means she still has plenty of the MedComms Day left to enjoy!

Well, thanks to a following wind, we made it in to Dallas an hour early and as a result of APC kiosks, I made it through immigration, customs,  rechecked my luggage,  back through security, monorailed round to my next departure gate and found a seat within an hour of touchdown. Amazeballs!

I confess to not doing all my plane homework, but it was a really early start today, and I did manage to catch a couple of hours’ sleep.

Straight in to meetings after this flight, so may do another update later – now I’m on CDT #medcomms day is young again!


Cosmopolitan life

June 8, 2016

What better way to round off a busy MedComms day than with a round of cocktails? Scientific Team Leader Charlotte and Senior Account Manager Dan from the new Virgo Health Central London office are making the most of happy hour!


Lots of tweets today using #medcomms

June 8, 2016

We’ve seen a lot of activity on Twitter today and it’s not stopped yet.  Here are just some of the accounts that having been participating – in no particular order – as follows:

@Complete_hv @TomGr4nt @MediTech_Media @JBAshtin @SynergyVision @_CharlotteLA_ @VirgoHealth @AxonComms @AdelphiComms @PublicationPlan @HLMEDICOM @Fishawack @ZoeticScience @AshfieldHealth @MScriptHove @GCCZSNavigators @Complete_med @Complete_hv @InspiredSci @Samarhis @spirit_med @Rad_Departures and many many more

Follow them  using hashtag medcomms

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Let’s pretend… a reality check from Trinidad!

June 8, 2016

Freelance medical writer Sarah Smith wrote in earlier at the start of her working day in Trinidad. She has felt moved to dispel my fantasies about living the dream! Sarah writes as follows…

Let’s pretend that my life as a freelance writer living on a yacht and sailing around the world is half as glamorous as you all think that it is and that Peter makes out! The reality is a little different. The boat is on the hard in a boatyard while we do a major refit and I have to climb a ladder every time that I pop to the loo. Inside the boat, I am pretending that I have a real desk, as I am waiting for a new chart table/desk to be fitted. I am feeling inspired in the desk department by the lovely spacious agency offices and cozy home offices in the photos posted from around the MedComms world!


Thinking about…

June 8, 2016

Claire Lea of Caudex has sent us a final contribution as she ends her working day in Oxford.

At Caudex, we spend our time focusing and thinking about our clients needs, today on #Medcomms day we’ve also been thinking about …


A Day in the Life of Aspire Scientific

June 8, 2016

The Aspire Scientific team have written in to say they’ve been hard at work from their various locations across the country on a number of exciting medical writing projects.

For Senior Medical Writer Jo Chapman, the day always starts with getting the kids to the school bus on time followed by a dog walk through the fields. Today, there were a few obstacles in her the way and they were not going to move! Once home and settled at her desk, Jo proceeded to provide support for a manuscript submission, compiling a list of all those last minute bits of information that are necessary but different for each journal! She then completed an article for the The Publication Plan, a free online news resource run by Aspire Scientific.


After waking up bright and early thanks to her 20-month old human alarm clock, Medical Writer Alice Wareham made the short commute up the stairs to begin reviewing a manuscript reporting preclinical data for a new drug formulation. In the afternoon, Alice helped finalise the first draft of manuscript assessing a new technology for measuring breathing disturbances in young children with asthma. She finished the day by taking a brisk walk through the beautiful countryside near her home in Shaftesbury, Wiltshire.


Today has been a day for doing lots of small but important jobs for Senior Medical Writer, Philippa Flemming. She started by checking figures that have been redrawn by our graphic designers for a manuscript about the use of a biosimilar in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. That done, she moved on to error read a piece of work that has been completed by one of our talented writers. This afternoon she will be concentrating on finishing off some lay summaries of recently published articles that Aspire have been involved with, as well as helping develop slides for an upcoming pitch. Philippa promises she wasn’t sunbathing when she took this picture from our office roof in beautiful Oxfordshire this lunchtime.


Today, Principal Medical Writer Louise Niven has been focussing on The Publication Plan, Aspire’s central online news resource for medical publication professionals. The day began by accepting requests from readers wishing to keep up to date with news from The Publication Plan through its dedicated LinkedIn group, followed by a quick search for any new and relevant stories that should be summarised for the site. She went on to write a special post to mark a Day in the Life of MedComms. This afternoon she has been reviewing the latest summaries written by her talented colleagues at Aspire… with a little help from a friend!


Working from our office in Oxfordshire, Director Rick Flemming has been reviewing a manuscript reporting preclinical data on a promising new analgesic drug that has recently progressed to late-stage clinical trials. Other jobs included preparing for the arrival of two new Aspire employees next week and discussing the company’s plans for our annual summer meeting. As you can see, it’s been a hot day in Stanford in the Vale!


Loving the lifestyle

June 8, 2016

Debby Moss, a principal medical writer at Caudex is homebased and writes…

After a hectic few weeks preparing posters for congress, #MedComms day has felt a little gentler of pace!
Following the school run, I furnished myself with a cup of coffee and trawled through the various emails that needed responses and re-worked my to-do list; an update for a client on author responses, liaising with editors for studio time for a manuscript, updating references for another publication and using Skype to contact a colleague about a query on a particular account. As a homeworker, email, phone and Skype is really important to maintain contact with my work colleagues and account teams; I do have to perfect my sprint however, when someone tries to contact me when I’m away from my desk making a coffee!
We have had four new trainee writers join us and some of the day was dedicated to updating my sessions for them! I also had writing tests to mark for possible new writer recruits. Finally, I used Skype to join a virtual company meeting run from our New York office before now gathering everything I need to take into the Oxford office in the morning! Loving the Caudex lifestyle!


A real international feel to MedComms Day this year

June 8, 2016

Simmone Gardiner at Synergy Vision writes in to say…

It has been a fun and eventful MedComms Day at Synergy Vision, which has a real international feel this year.  Corinne in our Sydney office kicked off the day well ahead of the rest of us,  although Caroline who is in Singapore for a client meeting wasn’t too far behind.   And then it was over to  Katie and Jessica in Copenhagen and Jill and Nick in Paris before the day got going for the team at our London headquarters and Sorcha in our Dublin  office.

The accounts team have been busy getting everything organised for a big symposium being held at the weekend.  Luckily they had two additional ‘helpers’ today, the Synergy dogs Deepher and Dylan.  Unfortunately they kept forgetting that they are here to work (reception duties mainly)  and tried to distract everyone with ball games and barking.  Fortunately for them, their owner Ffyona was out meeting clients in London.

We have our quarterly team day coming up next week so the team are pulling that together to make sure it is as informative and fun as always.  After the formal part of the day, Caz has organised for us to volunteer at a local charity producing home grown food for those in need.  Gardening gloves at the ready!

All the hard work is being rewarded at the end of the day with our monthly film night.  Tonight we will be settling down to watch the 80s classic Ghostbusters (we’ll  tweet some pictures).

Thanks for arranging a great social media day Peter, we can’t wait to see what next year has in store!


30 years in the business and counting

June 8, 2016

Hannah Stevenson at Adelphi Communications writes…

It’s been a fantastic day of celebrations here at the Adelphi Communications, Shanghai and UK offices, with more to come from our US office! Not only have we indulged in team walks in the countryside and a lot of cake, but we’ve also been documenting our time at EULAR 2016 and continuing to celebrate our huge 30 year milestone. Here’s to another wonderfully successful 30 years!