Welcome Trainee Medical Writers @Caudex

Claire Lea of Caudex has written in with news of their brand new trainees

In the Oxford Caudex office, we have recently had the pleasure of welcoming four new trainee medical writers who are now immersed in the TMW training programme. Over the next weeks they will hone their skills on publications projects, medical affairs activities as well as process, publishing ethics, copyright and drug development and approval process.  In addition to the training, we also asked them to provide thoughts on their first week in #MedComms

“When I joined Caudex, I was fresh from academia. An ‘academic refugee’, I was escaping with a Master’s to considerable uncertainty in medical writing. However, just a week later, I feel like part of the team already. The training scheme here has really fostered bonds with the other trainees, and unlike in academia, being ‘new’ is not a dirty word, but something to be celebrated. Long may it continue!” Adam

“It has been more than two years since I first thought about MedComms as a possible career. It occurred to me that I was passionate about communicating science, probably even more than conducting experiments in the lab, when I was writing my PhD thesis: whilst everyone else detested writing up, I was enjoying it (which for some time made me wonder whether there was something not quite right with me). I then moved to pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs and after a year spent there I was rather sure that medical writing is the thing for me. I was just fascinated by the thought that I could help make science make sense. So here I am, on my second week as a Trainee Medical Writer at Caudex, being inspired by brilliant people around me (and hence trying to overcome something that is apparently recognised as an imposter syndrome). It has been an ever so enjoyable experience so far, and I cannot even imagine how interesting it is going to be in the future. Full of hopes and great expectations!” Katerina

“My first week at Caudex has been packed full of new information about what a Medical Writer actually does, the processes they follow and insights into Caudex itself. It has become clear to me that organization and time management are crucial in this role. The three other trainees and I have attended sessions on a variety of different aspects of the job, including GPP3, SOPs and copyright. I am enjoying it so far and the team here at Caudex have made us feel really welcome. The environment seems dynamic, interesting and fast-paced and I am now very excited about getting started on a project. I have learnt a lot in the past week, including the importance of the tea round – I think it is time to start drinking more tea!” Yamina

“I officially landed in the MedComms ‘world’ last week, beginning my career as a Trainee Medical Writer at Caudex. My arrival was a direct result of stumbling upon an advertisement from a MedComms agency while exploring post-PhD career paths.  I had been looking for the ‘right’ career – one that could use my scientific research background and provide me with industry experience. After exploring the MedComms field, I immediately felt that MedComms was the career direction I should pursue, and now here I am, eager and excited for my new career as a medical writer!” Breanne


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